Things That Astound Me

Things That Astound Me

When you observe heavenly bodies, it’s as if you’re seeing into the past. The Sun’s light takes around 8 minutes to reach us. When you turn your head and look at the Sun, you are witnessing an 8-minute-old light emission. Some of the stars you’re looking at may have been dead for YEARS by the time you look at them. It can be rather eerie and weird at times, in my opinion. The manner in which they leave these optical messages for us after their demise is both romantic and strange.

It never ceases to amaze me to see a Hindu devotee carrying a kavadi. It’s astonishing how he can walk around without apparent harm when his body is stabbed with dozens of needles and his cheeks are fully punctured by a six-foot-long iron rod. What kind of magic or natural phenomenon is this? Modern science and medicine cannot explain this, but it is happening right in front of my eyes. I’m astounded.

Perhaps modern science and medicine should simply turn a blind eye to the whole affair and pretend it doesn’t happen, or dismiss it as pure deception. I’m not sure, but I’m certainly impressed.

The night sky is another thing that amazes me. The night sky is breathtaking on a clear, moonless night. Millions of sparkling stars fill the black sky above. How did these stars get there in the first place? What are they composed of, and wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to move among them? These are all expressions of my awe for the amazing universe; but, many modern people do not even get a glimpse of the immense marvel outside their homes at night. They are too preoccupied with watching television or doing something else. I never pass up an opportunity to marvel at nature’s splendor and sense awe within myself.

The next thing on my -list of amazing things must be the beauty of nature that is around me. How beautiful the birds are that sing outside my window every morning. How warm the sunlight is when it hits my face as I step outside the house. How cool and soothing the rain that falls to make the plants grow and for us to drink. These are amazing things for me. I am not sure how amazing they are to the average person, but as far as I am concerned, their wonders never cease.

The last but not least remarkable item I’ll discuss here is the human body. I have a human body, and it can perform great things. When I attempted and failed to balance a doll on its feet, it immediately occurred to me how tremendously complex my body was. I had no trouble getting up. In fact, I have no trouble walking, running, jumping, or doing any of the other physical activities that I undertake on a daily basis without giving it a second thought. I am astounded at my body’s talents as well as the abilities of the other bodies I see around me. They’re incredible machines.

So it appears that magnificent things are all around us and within us. It’s incredible that we have life and can perceive the things of existence with such precision. It is astounding that I am alive at all on this magnificent planet, which is, unfortunately, deteriorating due to people who are not amazed by it, who pollute it and kill it. Well, it’s not for me to pass judgment on them. Perhaps one day they will recognize their own awe of life and refrain from killing our lovely planet.