Advertisement – Merits and Demerits

Advertisement – Merits and Demerits

Advertisement – Merits and Demerits

This is the age of advertisements. Advertisement means publicity of making the demand for goods in the market. It has become an inevitable tool for both new as well as existing companies. It has created a new era and brought a revolutionary change in the realm of business, trade, and commerce. It is the single most powerful element of the promotion mix and can enjoy a major part of the promotional budget. It has a high convincing value. 


Advertisements for goods promote sales; widen the fields of businesses and increase profit. It prepares people to accept and use new and standard products. They attract all classes of people and turn them into constant customers and buyers. It can increase awareness about different products and special offers related to products. The viewers become spell-bound, thundered, astonished and madded with enjoying these styled advertisements on the T.V. screen, over radios, and in the newspapers. It can educate the society about new products, new uses, improvements in products, and other aspects.

Advertising has a significant role in mass production and mass distribution. People after hearing and watching advertisements become too much tempted to buy the advertised goods and articles. It affects positively all aspects of mass production and mass distribution.

Advertisement is instrumental in generating national and international trade. The manufacturing companies, established traders and merchants want to get their respective goods, articles and commodities widely circulated or publicized through advertisements. So they contact the various advertising firms for the purpose. Customers and companies both have benefits. There are many, many and many advertising firms in every country all over the world. They are costly but attractive.


Mare advertisements do not serve the purpose. It increases the costs of a product. The advertisers are to stick to advertise each of the items of goods lest the sale position should go down. It creates unnecessary needs. On the other hand, the advertisements should have a very good match with the quality product, consumers’ satisfaction, good after-sale-service and a lot of goodwill as well. Sometimes, it instigates people to buy unnecessary products. It may so happen that the sales of strong and good products may decrease or flop down without any constant advertisement. It is difficult to justify the company’s claims made in the advertisement. Publicity through advertisements always aims at promoting sales by underlining certain unique qualities of products and commodities. Some advertisements are so vulgarly presented that have only erotic appeal than commercial.

“Out of sight, out of mind” goes an old and time-tested saying which is appropriately applied in the sphere of real of trade, commerce, and business. An effective advertising campaign creates permanent place for certain brands in the market. Hence arises “out of an advertisement, out of the sale.” It blocks the entry of other competitors. The more consumers listen about advertisements of products, the more they are sure to purchase them. A monopoly always has an ill-effect on the buyer’s interest. So advertisements are useful and profitable and they can under no circumstances be ignored. Due to over bombarding of advertising on different mass media, people are confused and feel stress in regard to the selection of products.