Student’s Participation In Nation Building Tasks

Student’s Participation In Nation Building Tasks

All of the students should participate in nation-building tasks. Side by side with their studies they can easily take part in nation-building tasks. They can participate in voluntary social service activities in areas of the literacy program of the govt. They can help the illiterate people use mechanized farming, they can help people in the time of natural calamities, they can make people aware of the dangers of environmental pollution, population growth, gender inequality, etc. If they participate in such nation-building tasks, patriotic feelings will develop in their minds, and they ill their true patriots. They will be able to serve the country better when they will enter jobs after finishing their academic studies.

In Bangladesh, almost half of the people cannot read and write. It is not possible for the govt. alone to remove illiteracy from the country. Students can easily give some-voluntary service in this regard. They can teach them in night schools or in community schools. During the holidays they can go out for a campaign to make people aware of the importance of education.

Village people are usually backward in their thinking. There are many superstitions among them. Some people think that birth control is against religion. Students can go to these people and can help them remove their superstitions. They can encourage them to family planning. They can help them realize that a planned family can be a happy family.

Students can contribute to improving national health by joining the health-related campaign. They can make the illiterate people aware of the importance of taking a balanced food. They can make people aware of the importance of hygiene. They can join the anti-smoking campaign to make people aware of the dangers of smoking and teach smokers how to quit smoking. The female students can teach illiterate women folk how to maintain their reproductive health and bring up their children properly.

Students can help suffering people during natural calamities. During severe floods or tidal surge, they can collect funds and distribute these among the victims. They can stand by the homeless and penniless people and take part in relief operations.

It is important to remember that in Bangladesh students have a glorious contribution. Students protected the prestige of our mother tongue. The language martyrs are our young students who protected the prestige of our mother tongue in exchange for their lives. Seeing the great force of the students our national poet Kazi Nazrul Islam wrote:

“We are a power, we are a force

We are a band of students.”

Students are the future leaders of a country. They are an integral part of our society. Their Participation in nation-building activities instills patriotic feelings in their minds. They learn how to love the country and its people. Getting involved in nation-building activities they develop fellow feelings. Thus they contribute to social peace and prosperity. So every student must participate in doing some nation-building tasks.