Who Can Be An Ideal Man

Who Can Be An Ideal Man

The adjective ‘ideal’ means ‘most appropriate.’ As a noun, it means ‘a perfect idea or standard worth attempting to achieve or obtain.’ To adopt something from a man or thing, the man or thing is primarily followed as a standard or norm. In other words, something imitable about a person or a man is considered ideal. Again, a man’s or a thing’s universally accepted mannerisms and behaviorism may be referred to as ‘ideal.’ Without a doubt, a man’s or a thing’s measuring rod is his/its ideal.

Who Is An Ideal Man?

An ideal person is a man or woman who can easily and spontaneously express his or her thoughts and ideas. An ideal person is a moral giant in the true sense of the term, with iron determination. Truthfulness, honesty, love for his fellow men, taking an oath not to hurt others, not to pain anyone’s soul, and attempting to bow before the worthy and be a balm for bruised hearts are qualities he/she possesses. When all of these qualities come together, the salt of the earth is born.

Can the Dream Be An Ideal Man Be Fructified?

Perhaps such is suspected because most people in modern society are morally corrupt. However, if an ideal person emerges from the rotten system, he or she may be the pathfinder of those fallen souls, leading them to the dream destination of life. Our lovely planet may be free of blemishes at that time. Although it is obvious that a man or woman with lofty ideals is not present, some people can earn our respect through their honesty and virtues. The Sun and the Moon would never shine if they were not present in society. In the desert of a corrupt populace, they are nothing but the oasis, yet we know they are there with their gorgeous presence amidst us.

Characteristics of An Ideal Man

Initially, an ideal man must be a virtuous figure with numerous benchmark qualities such as candor, honesty, generosity, strictness, wit, and so on. He should be a man of firm conviction in the issues he preaches to society. He ought to be a man of his word. He should follow through on his word. There had to be a link between his words and his actions. He must be born with the ability to comprehend the people around him. He should have a solid character foundation. He should not be impatient, but rather remain calm in all situations, good or bad. He should not be depressed under any circumstances. He should not be a defeated image, but rather the vanguard of his time. Of course, an ideal man cannot be recognised always only for his positive thoughts and actions.

He can make mistakes and have misunderstandings at times. However, he may be considered an ideal man if he strictly adheres to his cherished false ideas or beliefs. Comrade Mozaffar cherished some incorrect ideas, but he developed them in his mind in the true sense of the term ‘ideal,’ and he never abandoned them during his lifetime. Perhaps Mozaffar was blamed because he is a leftist, according to some so-called democratic. Whatever the reason, Mozaffar was an ideal man because he followed through on his promises.

Who Can Be An Ideal Man?

A perfect man must have a sense of liberty. Again, his concept must be given reasonable leeway. He will be a free-will agent of modern society, but he will not go beyond the bounds of independence. He will respect others and expect to be respected in return. He will emphasize society’s condemnation. He will say less and do more. He will be a motivating force. Above all, he will embody an exceptional personality. He will dream and then dream again. He will not blow his own horn, but society will. His wit’s soul should be his brevity. For all these qualities one can be an ideal man.

The Life of An Ideal Man

An ideal man always lives his life simply and ideally. He is entirely facile in gesture and posture, and his facility becomes the main striking point for him to charm others. The world’s remarkable ideals include Hazrat Muhammed (sm), Goutam Buddha, Jesus Christ, Mahatma Gandhi, and Moulana Abdul Hamid Khan Bhasani. They did not live in material abundance, but in human, mental, and psychological abundance. They ate less, slept less, and talked less. But they gave much to society, and now they continue to influence society from behind the screen. In all ages of man’s civilization, an ideal man is a sacrificer, a rescuer of mankind.