The Birds of Bangladesh

The Birds of Bangladesh

The Birds of Bangladesh

Introduction: Bangladesh is a wonderful abode for birds. It is gifted with many kinds of birds. Birds of various types are seen in our country. They are found all over the country. There are so many types of birds that we do not even know the names of all. Most of them are very charming. At dawn our sleep breaks of up with the chirping of the bird. They are one of the most attractive objects in our country.

Types of birds: Various types of birds are seen in our country. The birds are different in color, shape, size, and habit. They can be roughly divided into four types. They are birds of prey, garden and woodland birds, water birds and farmyard birds. Among them, the garden and woodland birds are most widely seen. They are the most attractive among the other types of birds here. They live near our houses in woods, marshy lands, and hills.

Birds of Prey: The kite, the owl, the vulture are the birds of prey that are seen in our country. These types of birds have keen eyes, sharp claws, and curved breaks. They are large in size. The hawk is also seen in our country. The kite and the hawk are often seen to carry away chickens, and fish. The vulture is also called the carrion-eater because it feeds on dead animals. The owl never comes out in broad daylight. It prowls only at night.

Garden and woodland birds: These types of birds are relatively small in size. But they are the most beautiful and colorful among other birds. They live on various types of grains, small insects and worms. Most of the birds in our country belong to this group. They are the sparrow, the magpie robin, the shalikh, the myna, the cuckoo, the woodpecker, etc. Some of these birds are of special characteristics. The magpie robin is our national bird. It is noted for its charming sweet and shrill voice. The cuckoo is also noted for its sweet voice. It is a songbird that comes to our country at the beginning of the spring. So, it is called ‘the harbinger of spring’. The myna can imitate the voice of man and talk like human beings easily and nicely. So, it is also called the talking bird.

Water-birds: The water-bird that are mainly seen in our country are the heron, the kingfisher, the snipe, the bittern, and the teal. They mainly feed on fish, snails, worms, etc. Most of the migratory birds that come to our country belong to this group. They can swim very well. Some of them are very good divers also.

Farmyard-birds: The farmyard birds are those birds that are reared in houses and farms. The hen and the most common among them. Generally, these birds cannot fly like other birds. Of. late the quail are also reared in many houses of our country.

Usefulness: Birds are our friends. They help us in many away. They cut harmful worms and insects and dead bodies that may cause instantiation some of them provide us with eggs and meat. Some birds sing sweetly to amuse us.

Conclusion: Birds are inseparable, part of our nature. Birds are wonderful gifts of nature. Our nature is so beautiful also because of the presence of so many varieties of beautiful, bright and captivating birds. They add to the natural beauty of the country.  So we should be kind to them and save them from unnecessary killing. We should protect them from their enemies.