Smarter, More Powerful E-Bikes and Scooters Take Charge at CES 2022

Smarter, More Powerful E-Bikes and Scooters Take Charge at CES 2022

Even though we were not able to attend CES 2022 in person this year, we were aware of the “eMobility Experience,” a test track for demo rides of all the e-scooters, e-bikes, and other micromobility vehicles that came to Las Vegas to play. Bird’s new consumer suite of vehicles (the Bird Bike, Bird Flex, and Birdie), Zoomo’s utility electric-assist bikes, Euphree’s City Robin step-through e-bike, and Arevo and Superstrata’s 3D-printed carbon fiber e-bikes were among the many products on display. There were a few interesting companies displaying new electric scooters, bikes, motorbikes, and connected technology.

This year’s main topic has been smart, connected vehicles. These little electric vehicles will be equipped with more powerful onboard computers that will be linked to apps that will let users do things like locate their car, track fitness goals, and control bike functions such as locks and lights. Here is a look at some of the new bikes, scooters, and connected technology on display at CES 2022.

Segway, an electric micromobility company that sells personal vehicles as well as providing vehicles to a number of the world’s shared-mobility companies, debut a new kick scooter line, the P-Series, and a new moped-style e-scooter, the E11a, at CES. The P60 and P100S scooters include bigger footboards and handles, all-season tires of vehicle quality, and front and rear spring suspension. They also have turn signals, a tail light, and several locking and unlocking options. According to the manufacturer, the E110a has enough accommodation for two people, plenty of storage, and a slew of smart features.

Segway did not say what those smart features were, but if it is anything like the previous iteration, it will include a power management system and the ability to link to cellphones, allowing it to connect to the Segway-Ninebot app. For the first time, the Swedish manufacturer of lightweight electric motorcycles imported its “CAKE: work series” to the United States. This series of professional motorcycles have already been aired, but not in the United States. Updates to Cake’s Ridecake connectivity app, which include features that allow professional fleet managers to monitor and manage their vehicles, were the bigger news at CES.

All riders with a data service-enabled Cake Connect module on their vehicle, which includes all current and prospective models, as well as the majority of previous Cake bikes, will be able to use the new connection features. Customized ride modes, real-time riding information, ride history, and anti-theft security will all be included in the app update. Professionals who use Cake’s cloud-based management system will have access to real-time data such as live fleet location with the position of all bikes, mileage, range, and battery status for all bikes, and diagnostic data. The system will also enable software updates, anti-theft functions, and custom ride modes to be set up over the air.