Italy makes COVID-19 Health Passes Mandatory for All Workers

Italy makes COVID-19 Health Passes Mandatory for All Workers

Every Italian person traveling to work starting next month will be required to display the country’s COVID-19 health pass (“Green Pass”), confirming proof of vaccination, recent recovery from infection, or a negative test conducted up to 72 hours prior. The new rules take effect on October 15 and will be in effect until December 31, with the option of an extension if necessary. People who disobey the government’s order and go to work without a health card risk being fined €600–1,500 ($705–1,175)? Employers will be fined between €400 and $1,000 ($470 and $1180). A three-year prison sentence could be imposed if the pass is falsified.

Italy’s new approach to a vaccine passport is the most determined in Europe and one of the most far-reaching in the world. The health permit will be required for more than simply indoor social events, like in other nations. The government’s action is intended to encourage more people to obtain immunization. Approximately 74 percent of Italy’s 60 million people have gotten at least one COVID-19 vaccine, with 68 percent having had all three vaccines.

Italy makes COVID-19 Health Passes Mandatory for All Workers

According to a survey by GIMBE, an Italian health NGO, immunization has cut mortality by 96.3 percent, hospitalizations by 93.4 percent, and critical care admissions by 95.7 percent in the Mediterranean country, demonstrating how successful vaccines are presently.

The Rt index, which is used to determine how quickly an epidemic spreads, is continuing to drop in Italy, indicating that vaccinations, the usage of the health pass in public spaces, and health measures such as masks and social distancing have helped Italy limit COVID-19’s fourth wave.

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The average number of new cases in the last seven days is 4,600. COVID-19 claimed the lives of 67 individuals in Italy yesterday. While the government voted unanimously in favor of the order, the far-right Northern League was split on the issue, with high-ranking members criticizing vaccines and vaccine passports. Some in the country have characterized such a move as a cynical appeal to vaccine-averse citizens, given that the lawmakers in issue have both been vaccinated and have used the health pass while campaigning against it.