Tea Stall

Tea is a popular drink all over the world. So, a tea stall is a favorite place for all classes of people. In a tea stall, hot drink or tea is supplied. Biscuits, bread, bananas, betel leaf, etc. are also available here. It is found in cities, bazaars, towns, railway stations, bus stands, beside the school, college and even in villages. People come and take tea here. They talk on various subjects, village politics, national and international politics, and current affairs. Now, what summer, what winter, the tea stall attracts almost everybody in all seasons alike.

A tea stall opens early in the morning and closes late at night. It is usually found at the turn of the road, in the train station or steamer ghat, near a factory or an office. It is not well-furnished. Usually, there are some broken chairs and tables. A large-sized kettle is placed on an oven. On another oven usually, there is a large container of milk. Steams always come out of these containers. The tea-shopkeeper is always busy with pouring water into a cup, mixing the tea leaf, sugar, milk, etc. to make a cup ready for a customer. He usually supplies two kinds of tea- milk tea or raw tea according to the customer’s choice. Passengers, rickshaw pullers, officials, laborers, passers-by, students, politics workers are the customers in a tea stall.

A tea stall is a place of entertainment and discussion. Actually, it is an important place of social gathering. The customers spend their free time in the tea stall for extra enjoyment. The customers not only refresh themselves with a cup of tea but also take part in the interesting discussion that goes on endlessly there. Sometimes the discussion turns into a hot debate. Sometimes people raise a storm over a cup of tea. Sometimes the topic is politics, sometimes economy, sometimes freedom of women and so on. A tea stall is a more favorable place to the idle that spend hours after hours sitting here by gossiping. But it is usually a noisy, dirty, crowded and disordered place. In order to make a tea stall a healthful place, it should be kept neat and clean. However, a tea-stall is a very popular and important part of our daily life. In fact, it is now-a day’s an important place of social gathering and at the same time a place of charming for the common people.