Essay on Education

Essay on Education

Education is the act of learning things around us. What are the important things in life to live, to survive, to be fresh, better and healthy? I know food, water, clothes; houses are the basic needs of people. But I think if you include another word in your life then you are very good in you and it is Education. It is the first and foremost right of every human being. People learn basic norms, rules, regulations, and values of society through education. To quote a phrase from Gottfried Wilhelm Leibnitz, “Make me the master of education, and I will undertake to change the world.”

Education is very important for a person who considers and drinks it like water (as a need). It helps us to set a goal and go ahead by working on that throughout life. Education makes a person well-mannered and better. It develops our analytical skills, character and overall personality. We can spend and live our life more easily, comfortably and conveniently. It improves our knowledge, skill, confidence level and personality. It expands our vision and creates awareness. It helps us develop a disciplined life and provides us with better-earning opportunities.

Education gives us the sense to make a difference, respect, solutions, discoveries, knowledge and a better life. Education and acknowledgment give us power and sense to make decisions, discover and find our ways. It is more than just learning from books. It is an effort of the older generation to transfer their life wisdom to their offspring. We have a lot of opportunities to search and decide our goals, aims for life through education. It empowers us intellectually to interact with others in our life. Educated people vote for the better candidate of the country. This ensures the development and growth of a nation.

Education is definitely important in one’s life. It is becoming more important in many countries now because people, parents, the government got the value of education that is why they are trying to make more awareness of education. Increasing the demand for more technological advancement in life enhances the scope of quality education. They want to make their people educated so they can get a bright future and they can serve their people and country efficiently. It is the way to social development, economic growth, and technological development. The education brings freedom, equality, and humanism to the life of individuals and society as well. Our quest for knowledge is unending and will continue till planet Earth exists.