Money is the key to happiness – An Open Speech

Money is the key to happiness – An Open Speech

Money is the key to happiness – An Open Speech

Many people argue that money is not the key to happiness. Money is of course very important for human beings to lead a decent and satisfying life. However, have you ever seen a sad person riding a Ferrari? Or have you ever seen a man crying because he is too rich? Unlike animals and plants, money defines the existence of human society as we cannot live without it. Money is an important exchange for food, shelter, and clothing. Money brings a lot of things to our lives.

Many people believe that money is the root of all evil. But contrary to that, I believe and agree that money is the key to human happiness. It gives us what we want, gives the possibility toward a better future, and brings love and friendship as well. It has become indispensable in our lives when humans began using the money for the exchange of goods and services instead of the barter trade which was popular hundreds of years ago. Humans work to earn an income that would enable them to bring food to the table, clothe themselves as well as indulge in pleasures that can be obtained only through money.

Happiness isn’t a quality like height, weight or income that can be easily measured. When we are able to afford goods and services, it inevitably grants us a lot of happiness, satisfaction, and stability in our lives. Actually, happiness is having satisfaction and meaning in your life. In many poor countries such as Africa, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, and others, millions live in misery due to extreme poverty. They are deprived of happiness, dignity and a sense of direction n their lives as they live from hand to mouth and their future is at best uncertain. Thus, it would be foolish to think that money causes distress, and is the root cause of immorality and evil behavior. On the contrary, most of us earn an income through legal means which allows us to maintain a good standard of living. it enables us to travel for holidays and have access to good food, medical facilities, and a lifestyle that grants us much happiness and satiety. Many parents admit that they slog at work so that they could provide comfort and stability to their offspring. Money especially comes in handy when a family member is stricken with a disease and cash is needed for treatment.

Unhappiness results when we are denied the above. Many families struggle to make ends meet and the lack of money almost inevitably sows seeds of unhappiness. They are exposed to continuous bickering, quarrels and ultimately, misery.

There are of course those, due to greed for more material wealth, resort to illegal means to become rich quickly. They commit robberies, murders and cheat to get ahead in lives. However, this does not grant them happiness or peace of mind. In the case of robbers and murders, the constant threat by the law enforcement authorities closing in on them creates jitters and a life full of uncertainties and fear.

Hence, money would always be looked at as the most or at least one of the most important keys to happiness. So, to sum up, true happiness lies in rewarding relationships, and not in material wealth and money. It has become a part of what defines us as human beings as it allows us to live a life of dignity, happiness, and contentment.


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