Qualities of An Ideal Student

An ideal student is one who is always docile, obedient and never creates any mischief. He endears himself to all by his temperament, qualities of head and heart and knowledge. He is original, mentally and psychologically a whole and complete person. He is never an average student.

An ideal student is conscious of his duties and responsibilities. Such good and bright students are the gems of an institution. They are the pillars of a nation.  He is regular and punctual in attendance. He is aware of his works, activities rights, and social services, He is truthful, punctual, studious, honest, perseverance, kind-hearted, dutiful, thoughtful, obedient, submissive, religious, bold, well mannered and exemplary. He goes not to waste his time and energy in strikes and demonstrations.

An ideal student never idles away his valuable time in gossiping, eating and playing Idly. Such students become ideal citizens, politicians, statesmen, and leaders. He can put up his problems with the teachers, superiors, and elders in a most polite way. He is both attentive and punctual in his duties. He is aware of the art of presenting everything to all. He is disciplined in his everyday activities of life. He is always careful about avoiding a bad company come what may. He does not spend even a single second for anything except doing good deeds like reading textbooks, newspapers, magazines, pictorials and practicing his respective religion

An ideal student is conscious. He knows best than a single rotten apple is quite enough to spoil the parents and the society for all the facilities being enjoyed by him. The nation can reach the zenith of glory if our students become ideal and participate in the task of national reconstruction. An ideal student can make the society, the nation, and the land proud and his life meaningful. The country wants ideal students for her prosperity, success, overall development entirely depend on them. The social service of the students brings a double blessing. He is ideal in his work, conduct and thought.