My Best Friend

My Best Friend

My Best friend

It is said a friend in need is a friend indeed. “What is a friendship; A single soul resting in two bodies” by Aristotle. An ideal friend possesses all the qualities of head and heart. Life is a long journey full of struggles, one day there is happiness the other day can be filled with darkness; it’s a pathway with stones and flowers aside, these pathways become beautiful and life becomes meaningful if we have a faithful friend by our side on this journey. It is easy to befriend anybody, but difficult to have good friends. A friend is one with whom you share everything in your life either it is happiness or hardships.

While there are many friends that you make at various stages of your life only a few holds on and be there for you in your need. A friend is one with whom you share your joy and struggle but a best friend is one who is a part of every moment that you spend. A best friend is a very special and closest person in life whom we can share the most important things in life and take support anytime. My best friend is with me since my school, we have made it through all the sad and joyous moments together for the past twelve years.

It is a divine and most precious gift of life. Getting a true friend is rare and counted as a big achievement in life. The memories that we share together make the present beautiful. Sometimes while you sit alone in the struggling period of your life; you smile for no reason it is due to the beautiful memories that we share with our best friend that gives us the reason to smile and you remember those times as a golden period of your life.

A relationship is like a tree, that needs water to grow even if it is friendship with the passage of time the tree grows stronger, its roots become firm and it stands strongly on the ground and other people benefit from its oxygen and fruit, it gives shadow in warm sunny weather; a relation of best friends is the same together they become stronger when their relationship flourishes with water of love and compassion they not only stay happy together but they bring positivity in lives of people that surround them. This is the beauty of friendship. The one person in the world that will give you equal love and devotion like your parents and lovers is your best friend. Life becomes a little easier and beautiful when you have a faithful and honest friend by your side that you can trust and rely on.

True is that friendship is a true gift. Those people are really lucky who have got true, sincere and best friends in their lives. One should value their best friend because it is due to them that we attain many things in life from confidence to courage they play a very crucially important role in our life. Life becomes meaningful with a best friend; it is one of the blessings of Almighty Lord. The best friends are indeed the best gifts of God. I always pray for the long life of our friendship


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