My First Acting Role

My First Acting Role

My First Acting Role

An actor is someone who plays a character in a film, television, radio, or theatre production. The first time I acted in a play was when I was in Standard Three (Grade). Come to think of it, it was the only time I acted in a play. After learning what plays we were doing and who was directing them, there were auditions. I was chosen to play the role of a farmer. (Name), the prettiest girl in class, played the role of the farmer’s wife. So I felt a little elated about my role. I was unsure of how I was as an actor, and I had to learn a lot fast.

We spent a whole week rehearsing the play. Learning the lines by heart was tedious. The first rehearsal was a disaster as we fumbled our lines again and again. After half a dozen rehearsals we managed to get things right. It was all very tiring. As I began to improve as an actor, I was able to understand my characters better.

An actor’s job is to fully represent the character they are playing and to convince their audience that character is real by engaging them and drawing them into the story. The script required me to climb up a mango tree to pluck some mangoes. Obviously we could not put a mango tree in the classroom. So we improvised by hanging a mango by a string from the ceiling with a ladder below it. Those were the props, placed right in front of the blackboard.

Finally, the day of the play came. I went on stage, rather, in front of the classroom, with my fellow actors and actresses and performed our parts. Everything went smoothly. We never got stage-fright, thanks to our rehearsals and familiar audience of fifteen children. About half the class were the performers, the rest audience.

Now, a few years later, I cannot remember a single line of the play. The only thing I remember clearly is that I enjoyed eating the mango during the play.


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