Importance Of A Village Doctor

Importance Of A Village Doctor

Introduction: A village doctor is a very important person in the village. He plays an important role in the life of the villagers. A village doctor is a person who treats the villagers. He serves the villagers taking little fees from the patients. He lives in a village. He is a very well-known person to every man and every woman in the village. He is quite familiar to the villagers. He has a great demand in a village because there is no qualified doctor except him. So, everybody respects and loves him.

Qualifications: A village doctor is usually a quack. Generally, he is not well qualified. A town has many qualified doctors. Some of them are even specialists, but it is a matter of regret that there is no qualified doctor in a village. Most village doctors don’t have a proper education in any school or college. He usually works with a qualified doctor for a few years and gains some knowledge and experience about the treatment of patients. Then he comes back his native village and sets up a dispensary.

Dispensary: A village doctor has a dispensary either at his home or in the marketplace. It is furnished with some chairs, a table, and an almirah. His dispensary is simple. His stock of medicine is poor and consists of a few common and cheap varieties. But it is a very important place to the villagers.

Importance: A village doctor possesses a remarkable position in the village. He is the trusted friend of the villagers. A village doctor is a very active man. He rises early in the morning and takes his simple breakfast. Then he goes to his dispensary and examines the patients. When he goes outside to visit a serious patient, he carries a bag full of medicines. A stethoscope is hung from his neck like a necklace. He goes from place to place on his bicycle or on foot. He is so sympathetic that even at the dead of night, he is available for consultation. He is very honest and dutiful. He deals with his patients well. He is kind to his poor patients. He sometimes takes only the cost of medicines. He demands no fees to the patients. Consequently, the poor villagers are highly benefited by a village doctor.

The problems of a village doctor know no bounds. His knowledge is limited. Having little knowledge, he often cannot identify patients’ diseases accurately. For this reason, he is called a quack. Sometimes he prescribes wrongly and the patients die. He cannot buy all the medical instruments and medicines because of his financial constraint.

A village doctor serves the villagers sincerely. He is very helpful minded. Villagers go to him for advice in all matters. Even villagers get him calling late at night. Poor villagers cannot take treatment due to poverty. But their only reliance is the village doctor. Because only the village doctor serves them free of cost or little fees. A village doctor is the guardian of a village. His service is very valuable. He has to walk miles to miles a day. So, the government should take the necessary steps to train him so that he can provide better treatment to the villagers. In fact, on the rainy day of the villagers, he is really a blessing.

Conclusion: A village doctor may be poor in knowledge. But his sense of duty towards a patient is very strong. He is a good friend to the poor villagers. He never renders good service to the villagers. But he leads a poor life indeed. Though he is not rich, he is loved and respected by all. He is looked upon as a god by the villagers. So, the authority and the public should try to improve the working condition of the village doctors.