Annual School Sports in my wetness

Annual School Sports in my wetness

Each year the annual school sports are held in every school. The annual sports ceremony is on the occasion of great joy. It creates excitement among the students, teachers, guardians, and the general public of the area. In our school, the last annual sports held on 20 December. We enjoyed our sports day very much. The school building and the playground were decorated with color paper, green leaves, colored flags, and festoon ns. A big gate was erected to mark the day. A small but beautiful pandal was also built to hold the prize distribution Vermonter.

The preparation for the sports was going on for days. Our school campus was decorated. A stage was set up in front of our school complex to accommodate the guest. The whole playground was adorned with colorful papers, flowers, and banners. We made a gate to give a hearty welcome to our chief guest.

The deputy commissioner was invited as our chief guest. He arrived at 9 a.m. our program started at 10 a.m. in time. The chief guest hoisted the national flag and inaugurated the ceremony. The sports events began. About two hundred and fifty students compete in those events.

It was attended by a crowd of spectators and it went on almost from the sun to the sun. there were as many as twelve sporting events, such as flat race, relay race, hurdle race, spoon race, high jump, long jump, pole vault, discus throw, javelin throw, throwing the cricket ball, etc. in each of these events, there were a good many participants. The important events were high jump, long jump, hundred-meter sprint, two hundred meter sprint, cockfight, etc. some students took part in dressing as you like.

A band party was hired. They played music while the sports events were going on. This gave us much amusement. At the end of sports, the prize-giving ceremony was held. The chief guest distributed the prizes among the winners. The principal of the local college presided over the function. He gave away the prizes and made a brief but neat speech befitting the occasion. All those who were present had a jolly day with a lot of fun. He also gave us some valuable advice in his speech. At last, the headmaster thanked all to be present in the ceremony and the function ended. The sports of the school came to an end with a vote of thanks to the chair.