Advantages and Disadvantages of City Life

Advantages and Disadvantages of City Life

It is true that modern civilization is mostly projected in city life. All kinds of modern amenities are found in cities. The city offers the facilities and comforts that can’t be found in villages. Charms of city life always attract people, so many people migrate from village to city. But city life is not without disadvantages and discomforts. Obviously, city life has its positive and negative sides.

There are many advantages to city life. Cities provide better facilities in health and education. All the famous hospitals and clinics are located in the cities. People from outside the cities need to come to the cities for better treatment. All the famous schools, colleges, and universities are also located in the city areas. So for education, people like to live in the cities. With the advancement of science and technology, the life of man has become more comfortable and easier.

Also, cities provide the best comforts and entertainment. Here one can get rid of summer’s heat by keeping oneself in the air conditioner. Here one can move in a luxurious car, can eat in fashionable restaurants, can do shopping in luxurious supermarkets, can watch films in theatres and cinema halls and can relax in parks. Cities are full of life and vitality. Young people like this life very much. Cities provide more jobs for people because all kinds of big institutions, organizations, and industries are located in the city area. A huge number of people come to the city in search of jobs.


  • Expensive – Living in the city comes at a premium for some people that means living in congested places.
  • Crowded – There has been a multiplicity of motorized vehicles in city roads causing lots of traffic problems, The rush the noise the traffic, from sunrise till sunset city living is loud and crowded.
  • Parking – Finding a spot could be a big hassle if you don’t have an allotted one to yourself.
  • Pollution: City life is now spoiled by pollution – air, noise, and water pollution. Sanitation is often neglected.


  • No Commute – You will be walking to work and coming home, no waiting for trains or buses. you will save the money as well.
  • Shops/food/supermarket – A city is normally a commercial center. Literally, everything will be at your doorstep albeit at a premium at times but even in the middle of the night, you will have options.
  • Sightseeing – This is very subjective but you will get to see the city around, all the local and famous spots without the need to especially go to the city. A city has metalled roads with bus or train services for easy traveling.
  • There are educational and possibly vocational institutions with facility for use of the library.

But most of the facilities or amenities are enjoyed by people who have money. In city life, everything is very costly. Here, very few people can enjoy the comforts of city life. The majority of people lead a miserable life. They cannot manage good foods for themselves and for their families. They cannot send their children to good schools. Education in all branches of knowledge is also available in the city. Facilities of education from primary level to university level are available in the city.

The worst side of city life is the vast slums. They are growing fast. The floating people encroach the open plots, and slums grow. Filthy huts and slums are breeding grounds of drug, crime, vice, and corruption. Again, there remain the homeless hundreds who live and sleep on footpaths. The lives of city people are threatened by violence and crime.

Also, pollutions and traffic jams make city life hellish. All kinds of pollutions are seen here. Filths and garbage scatter here and there. The city streets are full of dust and vehicle smokes. The health of the city people is badly threatened in a polluted environment. Traffic jam also makes city life quite unbearable.

We know that the coin has two sides. So is the city life. On one side there are many charms for people in the city, on the other, there are the discomforts and pains.