Problems of the Teenagers and Steps to Save them

Problems of the Teenagers and Steps to Save them

Teenage is a fundamental stage of life that each human being passes through. Young boys and girls aged from thirteen to nineteenth are teenagers. They are neither young nor adult. During this time, teens are exposed to some overwhelming external and internal struggles. They seem to stand at a cross-road and are bewildered a lot. This is the most dangerous period of man’s life. It is a very critical stage of life, a stage of adolescence between childhood and adulthood.

Bangladesh is densely populated. She is not free from teenagers. She is seriously affected by teenagers. Her schools, colleges and other institutions are full of teenagers. The competition in these educational institutions is growing very tough and difficult day by day. Their parents expect them to have excellent grades in the examination. The most common problems that teenagers face today include- Self-Esteem and Body Image, Stress, Depression, Cyber Addiction, Drinking and Smoking, Peer-Pressure and Competition.

A lot of factors influenced by this situation. For example, some teenagers felt a lack of love from their parents. But they can’t bring any result up to their expectations. The teenagers of today in Bangladesh have many questions but no solutions. Busy and working parents fail to pay individual attention to their sons and daughters. In such a situation they are bound to group in darkness and try hard to find solutions to their unsolved problems in films, magazines, pictorials, etc. This has resulted in a wide gap between the teenage world and the world of the adults.

A teenager generally faces an unemployment problem but fails to find or, look for any suitable one. As a result, his tension increases, he becomes more aggressive, restless, defiant, etc. He also becomes more addicted to intoxicants. He is found gossiping or holding a light talk with his fellow-men standing at the corner of the road, street or elsewhere.

The teenagers suffer from Illustrations for various reasons. Disappointment, poverty, Association, unfulfilled targets, etc. cause them to suffer from it. Their failure makes them frustrated and they revolt and as a result become indisciplined. They do not conform to customers and traditions. They do follow the western styles of living and thinking. Many teens resort to crimes once they feel they cannot get any help or support.

They get bored seriously as their country’s style of living and thinking does not have any similarity with the western cultures. They are very keen to identify themselves with nacked films, sports, and fashion herses. They intend to show themselves as a distinct social group and have a craving for western lifestyle, music, fashions, etc.

Though they are the future hope and aspiration of the country but live in their own world following an unthinkable ideology. They are found clashing with their superiors defying the authority. They want to follow what they desire to do and in most cases, they are misled into harmful and undesirable activities.

The teenagers have their own desires. So they want to have an independent person to enjoy many unenjoyed things to the maximum by deviating from the path of math and honesty. They feel like to be enjoyed to their target without facing any restraint or restriction. Any kind of hindrance to fulfilling their target makes them behave rudely.

To rescue the teenagers from being spoilt necessary and constructive steps should be taken at an early date. They should be treated with love, sympathy, and regard. Their sentiments, ideas, and dreams should be given due consideration. Their mental and physical energies should be given due outlet in the form of making funs, games, sports, scouting, social service, and cultural activities.

Today in modern society, there a lot of problems, especially problems related to teenagers. With this end in view, the system of education and holding the examinations should suitably be reformed. Education should be introduced professionally and job-oriented linking with industry. Schools, colleges and other institutions should be made free from the inference of state politics. Society should be built up by following the lofty idealism of great men so that it can easily recognize the separate identity for the teenagers.

They should be given to understand the importance of life on earth. They should be allowed to enjoy human rights equally in an unorthodox manner. Parents of the teenagers should be considerate, tactful, judicious, far-sighted and alert to have control over them. Since teenagers are the country’s hopes and aspirations, they should be given to understand that the country’s future prospects largely depend on them.