Female Education – A Necessity For Social Development

Female Education – A Necessity For Social Development

Education is the backbone of a nation. It is beyond doubt that female education is necessary for the development of a society. The prosperity of a country depends on the education of both her male and female populations. About fifty percent of the total population of any country is female. Keeping this huge portion of the population confined to the houses, no country can make harmonious development.

Female education is necessary for many ways. Firstly, women have some special tasks and duties. Education is very necessary for them to perform their duties properly. Without education all their prospective faculties will be crippled. Secondly, every woman is a potential mother. Education of a child greatly depends upon its mother. In that case, an educated mother would be able to bring up her child better than an uneducated mother. Thirdly, social responsibilities should also be shared between men and women. In conjugal life, a woman can help her husband in many ways. A woman needs to be educated about this as well. Otherwise, she would not be able to understand her responsibilities towards her family as well as towards society.

Of course, there are some people who strongly oppose female education. They think that women’s sole duty is to do household affairs, rearing children and ministering to the comforts of their male partners. But they are quite wrong. The developed countries in the world have been able to develop their countries by educating their female and male populations equally.

Throughout the ages, women were not given equal opportunities in education. They were badly treated at the hands of their so-called male partners. Today this situation has changed. It is thought that educating women is empowering women in all spheres of life. By being educated women can directly contribute to the social and economic prosperity of a country. So none can deny the necessity of female education for social development.