Games I like to play

Games I like to play

Games I like to play –

The game is a good source of promoting love, friendliness, and cooperation among member countries. Different people have different choices. Everyone like Games according to their nature. Games like Cricket, Football, hockey, Baseball, Table tennis are famous all around the world. The games I like most is badminton. All it takes is a willing partner, two rackets and a shuttlecock. We do not even need a net. After all, we simply enjoy hitting the shuttlecock to each other. My sister and I spend hours doing this just about every day. We are not going to be world champions. It is simply great fun. The reason why Badminton is my favorite game is that it makes me happy. I feel pleased and enthusiastic to play this game.

In badminton, two players encounter each other, and their primary purpose is to win. Both players try their best to defeat their opponent. We used to do this with two old toy rackets. Since then our father had bought us two real, although cheap, rackets. I must say we enjoy the game even more. Sometimes even my mother comes to join in the fun when she has the time for it. It also gives me the lesson of hard work. I love to play badminton. It makes me sturdy and hard to overcome challenges. It makes me bear stress with patience. I also learn how to be persistent in playing.

The other game I like to play is table tennis. We have an old table, two bats and some balls. It does not require vast space to play; instead, it could be performed within a limited area with a pair of rackets and a shuttlecock. So on some days, we play table tennis instead. This is a game that requires more skill. We cannot even hit the ball onto the table half of the time. This can be frustrating. So we go back to badminton which is far easier and more fun. The second reason is that this game is a very healthy sport which can easily remove your stress and tension. Whenever I am in a bad mood,

Since we play outdoors we are at the mercy of the weather. We often have to pause when the wind is too strong. It is difficult to hit the shuttlecock properly when the wind blows it away. Sometimes it rains, making it impossible to play. Badminton is an indoor game. It does not require vast fields and considerable grounds to play. However, it only can be performed within the small court.

I do play other games in schools like basketball and football. I enjoy myself when I enter the football field. Almost around the whole globe, this game has been watched and played. Somehow they do not seem to be much fun. So I stick to badminton and table tennis. There are several kinds of games. Some games are indoor, some are outdoor. Indoor games like carom, chess, etc. do not require more space.


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