Paragraph On Honesty Is The Best Policy

Paragraph On Honesty Is The Best Policy

‘Honesty is the best policy’ refers to the value and importance of being honest in life. It is a famous phrase of Benjamin Franklin. It is the virtuous attribute earned sincerely by working hard even if unsuccessful. An honest person is defined as truthful, sincere and free of deceit and guilt. It is vital, to be honest in life as it defines your real character. We all are different from each other and what defines our individual character is our real persona and ethics in life. People identify the real you only if you are honest and real with them. If you believe in yourself and value yourself then you would voice your true opinion and express yourself.

Honesty is the most admirable and appreciated characteristics that a person can have. It is the virtue that is embedded in us by parents and teachers from our childhood. We learn to be honest as we grow by watching parents, teachers and other people around us. Dishonesty is the sign of cowardliness and will gain you money and power but it will last for a short time. Honesty is a sign of strength and gives you long term benefits. An honest person is the one who will act as he says and thus is more trustworthy and reliable.

Consider the Following Facts about Being Honest –

  • Long Term Consequences: The reason why we often lie is that we see the short term gains but these short term gains may have long term consequences that we need to consider.
  • Honesty is a Powerful Tool: You can voice your genuine opinion only when you are honest. Use your honesty to encourage others and not to degrade others. It is a powerful tool as it can highly influence others.
  • Moral Character: When you choose to live the life of integrity it will be painful at times but soon you will realize that honesty is a much easier path that leads you to satisfaction in all aspects of life.
  • To be or Not to Be Honest: We all need to understand at times the truth can create unnecessary conflicts or hurt sentiments of another person so knowing when to avoid it is very important.
  • Honest Outside – Honest Inside: If you choose to be honest in life with others it is important first of all, to be honest with yourself. If we have evils and wounds in our lives we need to accept them, own them and address them.
  • Honesty and Relationships: It is important, to be honest in relationships to avoid creating misunderstandings and soreness in the future. Being dishonest in a relationship is only going to make you happy for the short term.

Hence, we all know the advantages of being honest and truthful in life. So, it is vital to develop the habit of being truthful not only for others but for our self.  Which make us live with proud in our society.