Drug Addiction (Composition)

Drug Addiction (Composition)

Drug addiction is very dangerous and harmful; it refers to some kind of medicine or substance that has an effect on our body. When the drug is taken as medicine it cures our diseases. But when a drug is taken just for addiction, it harms our body and mind. There are many drug addictions. The main cause is frustration. The drug gives temporary’ relief to the addicted person but he gradually heads towards death.

Drug addiction is a curse not only for the addicted person but also for society. A great change occurs in the body of a drug addict. No chemistry on earth can stop this change. His weight begins to fall. His skin turns sickly yellow. He loses his appetite for food and begins to suffer from malnutrition.

Drug addiction badly affects the addict’s social life as well. People do not want to mix with him. Being isolated the addicted person becomes more frustrated and gets involved in criminal activities. In order to buy costly drugs, he does not even hesitate to kill someone. Thus drug addiction spoils social peace and order.

Of course, there are ways to save people from the dangers of the drug. First of all, we have to identify the causes of drug addiction and then we have to take remedial measures. For example, without getting any job many educated youths of our country are taking refuge in the drugs. Drugs give them temporary relief but they ultimately move towards death and destruction. So, solving the unemployment problem is important for controlling drug addiction. Lack of family ties and/or social bonding is also a cause of drug addiction. It so happens that a boy or a girl of a wealthy family gets addicted to drugs. This is because he/she does not get a loving family environment.

There is no doubt that drug addiction disturbs peace and order in society. Effective measures must be taken to eliminate this social cancer. For this, we have to build an atmosphere of love in every sphere of our society so that none feels isolated and becomes addicted to drugs.