Ebulliometer – a Measuring Device to Evaluate Boiling Point of different types of Liquids

Ebulliometer – a Measuring Device to Evaluate Boiling Point of different types of Liquids

An ebulliometer is a measuring device used to determine the boiling point of various liquids. It is intended to accurately measure liquid boiling points by measuring the temperature of the vapor-liquid equilibrium either isobarically or isothermally. This device is commonly used in the wine industry to separate various elements into gas and measure the alcohol content of a specific vintage or batch of wine.

The boiler, Cottrell pumps, thermowell, and condenser are the primary components of a Witosawski ebulliometer, which operates isobarically. Many wineries use ebulliometers to maintain a consistent alcohol level in all of their wine varieties. By using a resistance thermometer (RTD) to measure the thermowell’s near-equilibrium conditions, such an ebulliometer can be used for extremely accurate measurements of boiling temperature, molecular weights, mutual solubilities, and solvent purities.

The ebulliometer is commonly used to calculate the alcohol content of dry wines. It is an essential piece of winemaking equipment for commercial winemakers because it provides a quick and easy way to determine the alcohol content of your wine. Alcohol boils at a lower temperature than water, and an ebulliometer can determine the alcohol level of a batch of wine or other liquid by measuring the boiling point.

Ebulliometers work best with dry wines because the presence of sugar alters the boiling point of the wine and introduces inaccuracies in the calculation if not accounted for. Ebulliometers measure the amount of alcohol in wine by comparing the boiling points of water and wine.

The Ebulliometer provides the classical method of alcohol determination in wine and cider.

  • Alcohol content measurement based on a measurement of the comparative boiling point of water and the alcoholic product,
  • Accurate readings to within 0.1% alcohol,
  • Consists of a highly polished chromed housing with boiler, chimney and thermometer mounting, a spirit burner (methylated spirit required) and a wide-scale, easy-to-read thermometer,
  • Packed in a metal carrying case.


  • A Swietoslawski ebulliometer relies on the isobaric method. This form of ebulliometer contains a boiler, Cotterell pumps, a condenser and a thermowell.
  • An isobaric ebulliometer provides measurements of such factors as the exact temperature needed to reach a boiling point, solvent purities within the properties of the sample and the molecular weight of the substance.

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