Early Bird Price Ends Tonight: Buy your Pass to TC Early Stage 2021 and Save $100

Early Bird Price Ends Tonight: Buy your Pass to TC Early Stage 2021 and Save $100

Last call founder. Today is your last chance to save $100 near TC Early Stage 2021: Marketing and Fundraising. Our Founder of the Year bootcamp event is July 8-9, and St. Expeditus – It’s time to be late and ask for programmers’ patronage.

He’ll help you delay for the curb, save some cash, and gain a favor from top-level investors, renowned founders, marketing magicians, financial wizards, and other early investigators. And they all want to help you make a better start. But you have to buy your pass by 11:59 am (PT) today, April 30th. In this TC Early Stage Experience Fundraising and Marketing Basics on the first deep day, you will choose from a variety of presentations and breakout sessions – all interactive with enough time as Q&A.

On-demand videos, available after the event, mean you don’t have to worry about scheduling disputes. Early stage speakers bring a wealth of experience throughout with truth. You’ll be left with an indomitable look for effective tips for instant use and what it takes to create a startup. There is no sugar-coating here.

Vlad Magdalin, the founder of Webflow, was very honest about the challenges he faced on his journey to success. “You always hear about startups raising millions of dollars, but you don’t necessarily hear about the ups and downs you get. It’s important for beginners to see that as well.” We recently added Norwest Venture Partners partner Lisa to our speaker roster and we can’t wait to see why she thinks the founder feels like a VC. We’re adding more amazing speakers every week, and the full agenda is coming soon!

On the second day, get ready for the early-stage pitch-off. Applications open next week! The ring will throw you a hat and you will probably become the founder of the ten primary levels in front of a panel of VC judges and in front of all the early stage attendees around the world. Valuable exposure and pitch feedback all competitors and special prizes for the winner. Stay tuned!