Enjoy A Night Under The Stars Without Going Outside With This Projector

Enjoy A Night Under The Stars Without Going Outside With This Projector

Space has been a hot topic for the past few years, from fascinating discoveries in the science world to gossip-style headlines about celebrities securing their seats on space-bound rockets. It is still incredible that we are still exploring and learning there, like this planetoid that first appeared two years ago. With this buzz comes the usual long-tail effect of popular culture: increased interest, increased investment and of course March.

From glow-in-the-dark stickers to actual pieces of the moon and Mars, there are different ways to add space to your day. Whether you are a fan of a place or just appreciate a nice environment, the Sky Light Laser Galaxy Projector is a fun and unique home item. Use it to create a far-reaching feeling for friends or just to take a mental break in your own galaxy, all with the flip of a switch.

Enjoy A Night Under The Stars Without Going Outside With This Projector

Here is how it works: Skylight Blue Nebula Projects a fantastic galaxy of laser stars moving against the clouds. Smart design means the projector can tilted, so you can see the starry effect on your walls, ceiling or even the floor. Multiple brightness options and different effects allow you to transform any space at your discretion, showering the house with stars.

Taste the outdoor space in your TV room, bedroom or office for quick and easy change of scenery. Skylight Yoga adds a great, soothing touch to the studio and wellness venues. No matter where you use it, rest assured that the small project safety feature would turn it off after six hours (you can simply sink under this calm blanket of stars).

Featuring a fairly short and tilted base about 12 inches long, Skylight’s innovative design showers you and your entire space with stars running lightly against the blue nebula clouds flowing glowing lights across your ceiling and walls. It comes with multiple brightness settings and effects to match your mood so as not to disturb you in your atmosphere.

Whether you want to eat under the stars without closing your ass, dry up on a romantic date night in the galaxy or flow into a cosmic dream scene while sleeping, just turn on your skylight and enjoy the event. If you fall asleep with it, you can easily rest knowing it will automatically shut down after six hours for safety and efficiency.

Available in white or black, it will easily complement any room you decide to use and because it is so small, you can take it from house to house without any problem. The perfect gift for any occasion, illuminate someone’s day with this special Starlight projector. Now, you can get $7 from Skylight Laser Galaxy Projector with ARKLIGHT code.