Bluzelle Releases Layer One Chain to Promote the use of Cosmos in Gaming

Bluzelle Releases Layer One Chain to Promote the use of Cosmos in Gaming

Bluzelle’s most recent upgrade to Stargate, the most recent iteration of Cosmos, is a big step toward becoming a fully functional layer-one chain. Enhanced features like decentralized storage, compatibility with Cosmos DeFi apps, and the ability to create and trade game-specific tokens using BLZ are all made possible by the upgrade, which enables Bluzelle to provide users and developers with a quick and affordable chain for gaming and NFTs. Web3 gamers will have new options thanks to the change.

Bluzelle can now offer the required safeguards to safely store their NFTs and gaming assets on decentralized servers and minimize transaction costs thanks to the new Stargate upgrade. It will also solve problems with slow speed, large transaction costs, and potential vulnerabilities that limit web3 users’ ability to play games. Additionally, it includes the Keplr wallet, which provides a uniform standard for use with various games and Cosmos chains.

Emerging networks like Cosmos have greatly increased in appeal in the current cryptocurrency market because of their distinctive IBC technology and tight-knit early adopter group. The Bluzelle team wants to establish a reputation in the blockchain gaming industry by utilizing the Cosmos ecosystem. This implementation’s potential impact will give players access to safe and simple gaming interfaces.

Launch of Gamma4, Blockchain Gaming, and so much more

One of the key areas of the adoption of blockchain technology has been the gaming industry. Furthermore, it would be unreasonable to dismiss the possibility of remarkable events in the gaming industry. With games like Axie Infinity, blockchain gaming has unquestionably outpaced the regular gaming markets at times. As of March 2022, it is estimated that there is a good association between cryptocurrencies and video games, with more than 1.22 million individuals with active wallets glued to their computers to earn tasty rewards. Over 52% of all activity in the blockchain ecosystem is related to gaming.

The project is launching the card-based combat game GAMMA 4 to showcase Bluzelle’s full potential as a GameFi chain. It takes place in a sci-fi cosmos where five species compete for a force called Elementis, which gives its possessors control over their world. Within 60 days, the game intends to release its first MVP and discontinue support for its NFT character library.

According to a DappRadar report, over 2000 gaming applications use blockchain technology to give web3 gamers an immersive and seamless gaming experience. However, given the state of the market, the momentum has slowed. However, major gaming corporations are proactively exploring blockchain to open up new possibilities.

Bluzelle now has a number of new options thanks to Stargate’s full upgrade, which means Web 3 players can now take use of more improved gaming experiences on a decentralized platform. With this update, Bluzelle will take a huge step toward becoming a full layer-one chain and an important player in the Cosmos ecosystem.