Now, Vehicles With Rotary Input Can Use Android Auto’s Redesigned Interface

Now, Vehicles With Rotary Input Can Use Android Auto’s Redesigned Interface

The newest version of Android Auto is presently being tested by Google, and many users are allowed to test it out through the beta program. However, before last week, only cars with rotary input could use the Android Auto revamp, popularly known as “Coolwalk.”

Several users on the Android Auto subreddit have noticed that their smartphones have switched over to the makeover found in automobiles employing a rotary input style within the last 48 hours or so. Those who noticed the change report that it happened swiftly; at least one person claimed to have entered a store using the old interface and then returned to their car using the new one.

Initially, Google seemed to be preventing vehicles with rotary input from using “Coolwalk,” most likely while the company was enhancing the user experience. When the beta went public, several users complained that even though they were enrolled in the program and could utilize the experience on cars with touchscreens, the old interface gained control on cars with rotary dials.

Notably, a recent Android Auto glitch on the old interface appeared to be unconnected yet for some people it partially destroyed the rotary dial.

Although touchscreens are far more prevalent in contemporary automobiles that come equipped with Android Auto, this type of control may also be found in a number of other makes and models, including Mazda, BMW, and Acura.

Though the program has been full for the past few weeks since Google initially announced the rollout, access to the “Coolwalk” redesign requires enrollment in the Android Auto beta program, which is still required. Although it’s still unclear when Google plans to make this revamp available to all users, it’s encouraging to see that things are moving forward.