Apple Releases ‘Tracker Detect’ Android App to Help Users Discover Unknown nearby AirTags

Apple Releases ‘Tracker Detect’ Android App to Help Users Discover Unknown nearby AirTags

In an effort to improve privacy, Apple has published new Android software called “Tracker Detect” to allow individuals who do not own Apple goods to identify unexpected AirTags near them. If a user suspects them being followed, they can check for nearby AirTags using the app. 

If any are found, the program will mark them as “unknown AirTags.” Users will be able to play a sound on an identified item tracker if it has been moving with them for more than 10 minutes. The user will then provided advice on how to learn more about it as well as how to turn it off by removing the battery.

The program description states, “Tracker Detect checks for item trackers that have been separated from their owners and are compatible with Apple’s find my network.” “AirTag and comparable devices from other businesses are among these item trackers. If you believe someone is tracking your whereabouts using AirTag or another device, you may scan to see if they are.” The Tracker Detect app is now compatible with Find My network-enabled item trackers, such as Apple’s AirTag and the Chipolo 1 Spot. It will not function if you try to find other trackers that are not compatible with Find My, such as Tile.

Apple Releases ‘Tracker Detect’ Android App to Help Users Discover Unknown nearby AirTags

It also cannot assist customers to maintain track of AirTags linked to their Apple accounts, thus it cannot be utilized to fully utilize AirTags’ features. Apple confirmed the new app’s launch in an email to TechCrunch, saying, “AirTag delivers industry-leading privacy and security protections, and now we are extending additional capabilities to Android smartphones.” “With Tracker Detect, Android users may search for an AirTag or other Find My enabled item tracker that may be traveling with them without them knowing.”

The Google Play Store website for Tracker Detect has been bombarded with unfavorable reviews since its introduction yesterday. Many reviews believe that instead of depending on users manually scanning for strange AirTags, the software might benefit from an automatic detection option. Other customers have complained that their AirTags were not detected the program. 

It is worth mentioning that Tracker Detect will not detect the AirTag until it has been away from its associated device for at least 10 minutes. TechCrunch has contacted Apple for comment. The unveiling of the new app comes after fears that Apple’s AirTag may used to monitor individuals covertly because they are tiny enough to hidden in a purse or a garment. Apple’s AirTags, according to a Washington Post article from earlier this year, make it simpler possibly monitor someone without them knowing. There were several additional stories that claimed the tracking gadgets might use to discreetly monitor people.

In response to these allegations, Google altered the time beyond which an AirTag that has separated from its owner will make a sound when relocated. Apple modified the period from three days to a random time between 8 and 24 hours after the debut. If an unknown AirTag is detected near a user’s iPhone, it will also display an “Item Detected Near You” notification, eliminating the need for a separate app to find unfamiliar AirTags. However, because there was no method for Android users to find nearby unknown AirTags, Apple said that it would release an Android app that would allow users to identify an AirTag that may be traveling with them.

Despite the worries about AirTag, Apple’s support for tracking device scanning put the firm ahead of the competition, which had yet to offer any anti-stalking capabilities. Following the debut, rival Tile announced that anybody might make a manual scan using the Tile app at any time. Early in 2022, the functionality is likely to be available. Apple introduced AirTag in April of this year. They are available for $29 a piece or $99 for a set of four, Apple’s proprietary U1 ultra-wideband chip used for item tracking, which the firm refers to as “Precision Finding.” The gadget (low-energy) also uses Bluetooth LE.