Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide – a Blend of Hydrogen Peroxide with other Ingredients

Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide – a Blend of Hydrogen Peroxide with other Ingredients

Accelerated hydrogen peroxide (AHP) is a blend of hydrogen peroxide with other ingredients. It is a solution of hydrogen peroxide whose antibacterial efficacy is enhanced by a surfactant and an organic acid. It is a formulation of Hydrogen Peroxide, surfactants and other inert ingredients which results in a stabilized and a dramatically more effective disinfectant and cleaner. This blend can increase the germicidal effects of hydrogen peroxide significantly, making it highly effective as a multi-purpose disinfectant. It is also a disinfectant/cleaning agent that stabilizes hydrogen peroxide so that it can be used for extended periods of time.


A 2% solution of accelerated hydrogen peroxide achieves a high level of disinfection in 5 minutes and is suitable for disinfecting hard plastic medical devices such as endoscopes. It has 1/6th the active ingredient compared to the drug store variety but results in better cleaning efficacy and faster germicidal performance. In addition to being an excellent fungicide, chemicals using accelerated hydrogen peroxide have been suggested by some papers to be safer for humans and more environmentally friendly. In the modern era of Infection Prevention and Management of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) there are multitudes of disinfectant choices available for facilities to deliver a hygienic environment to ensure optimal patient outcome.

In research done in 2016, accelerated hydrogen peroxide demonstrated effectiveness against the foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV), swine vesicular disease virus (SVDV), along with Senecavirus A.

Effectiveness against ringworms and parvovirus has also been cited by veterinarians.


Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide, or AHP, is the breakthrough advancement in infection prevention for the healthcare environment. AHP are patented combinations of ingredients, with different, unique formulations. AHP is a patented formula containing hydrogen peroxide that has been accelerated to dramatically increase its germicidal potency and enhance cleaning performance. AHP is a globally patented blend of surfactants that when combined with Hydrogen Peroxide results in superior disinfecting performance — while remaining gentle on users and the planet.

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