A Highly Anticipated Report on UFOs is about to be Released

A Highly Anticipated Report on UFOs is about to be Released

The truth is there and very soon, the public can get a good taste of it. U.S. intelligence agencies are obliged to provide Congress with a report on “anonymous plane crashes” (the rest of us UAPOs, or UFOs) at any time. The much-anticipated report by Congress under the 2021 Intelligence Approval Act will be scrapped somewhat by June 2021 and will be ready to release all information, including satellite intelligence signals, intelligence and human intelligence – still collected in UFO encounters.

It will be spread and made public, so anyone will be able to read it. Led by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and Director of the UAP Task Force, the Department of Defense “developed a program in 2020 to gain insights into the nature and origins of UAPs and gain insights.” Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, who was head of the Senate Intelligence Committee when he wrote a provision into the Intelligence Authorization Act, said in a statement given to media outlets, “We cannot prevent the UFO scandal from being seriously investigated. The forthcoming report is one step in that process, but it will not end there.”

Once considered the domain of crackpots and conspiracy theorists, UFO sightings have been attributed to a number of high-profile philosophies in recent years. One video leaked after the video report which shows an unusually sized, fast-moving aircraft. The Pentagon later confirmed the videos were genuine and were taken by Navy personnel – giving the videos an even greater sense of legitimacy when they went public. It is doubtful, however, whether the report will prove conclusively whether the Earthlings came in contact with slightly gray males in the case of the Flying Saucers. Instead, it is more likely to be a compilation of all UAP reports received by the military in recent times, as well as an outline of how the U.S. government can better document and understand this unspoken perspective.

Searching for the truth … “Congress should make it an ongoing program. I don’t think the report will tell us too much. I think they need to study it further and not just take a shot at it, “Harry Reid, a former Nevada senator, one of the most consistent voices in UFOs, told The Guardian.