Welcome Speech For Chief Guest At Annual Day

Welcome Speech For Chief Guest At Annual Day

A very Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening to Honorable Principal Sir/Madam, respected teachers, seniors, and my dear friends, Warm Greetings to Everyone!

I heartily welcome you all on the behalf of ABC School/College, for the prestigious occasion of our school celebrating its 25th Annual day on the event of completing its 25 golden years, in other words, celebrating its Silver Jubilee. It is very difficult to believe that what was once dreamt is being fulfilled now. The idea of putting the foundation of an educational institution is so inspiring: what was once planted as a sapling is now all grown into a large tree. Here I can see a blend of extraordinary and smart students and their parents who have made this day arrive; they have come to us from each and every corner of the city.

I’ve been a part of the school/college since I was in 00…class and what a journey it has been with each year having its own triumphs and struggles & yet unique in many ways. All our teachers, instructors, trainers have been quite co-operating and helpful throughout. Our school/college apart from being awarded as the best school/college of …….(City name) in the academic sector also focuses on extra-curricular activities for every student.

Every year, I find it to be my pleasure to address you people who are the young minds of today and the responsible citizens of tomorrow. I and the whole of our dedicated teachers’ team appreciate the efforts put in by the parents along with their wards. So, here I feel privileged to extend my warm welcome to all the dear parents who are constantly extending their support & love to pupils as well as faculty members of this school.

Taking our morning/evening further and to begin with the Annual Function, I on the behalf of everyone present here, heartily welcome the inaugurator and the dignitary of the priceless function today, the Chief Guest of honor, Mr. XYZ (Guest name), who is the social worker, and educationist. I am especially thankful to him as when we approached him with the invitation card & requested him to grace the evening as the Chief Guest, Mr. XYZ accepted our request and readily agreed when he looked at today’s event and its program. He is a very respectable personality who is widely known to have put in a lot of efforts in encouraging women empowerment, girl child education, and setting up of old age homes, orphanages, and many more accomplishments in the area of social service.

It is a great pleasure to welcome such a noble personality as our Chief Guest tonight. So, on the behalf of one & all present here, let me please extend a welcome to you Sir.

Last but not the least, I welcome and extend my thanks to all my teachers, guardians, friends, and all the staff members for taking a keen part in this annual function and making it successful.

Hope you all have a great time.

Thank you all.