Arts students still in demand – an open Speech

Arts students still in demand – an open Speech

Arts students still in demand – an open Speech

You are the School Career Advisor. Write a speech for a group of Arts students who feel that their career options are limited after Form Five. You have to convey to them that there are fields where their subjects are still in demand.

Good morning, students.

Welcome to this session where I hope I can point to you in the right direction. The fact that you have either opted or forced to take up an Arts bias package does not deprive you of careers. There is more than meets the eye.

In fact, many of you have come to see me, bemoaning that you are lost about choosing a career. You feel that the world is for the science students and the arts students are left with the leftovers. How wrong can you be!

The world of medicine, dentistry, scientific research, pharmacy, psychiatry have always attracted scores of students because of the accolades given to holders of Dr, Ir and Mr. However, do you know that there are Drs and Professors in the Arts arena and there are many who do not have any titles before their names who have made millions before their thirties?

An accountant, a financial planner, an investor, and a hotelier are not pure science students. They are Arts students. It does not take IQ to reach the top of your career ladder, it takes EQ too. A combination of the right IQ and EQ would be the catalyst to reach the stars.

A person who learns languages, who has a flair for languages, and who can articulate and express himself well is better off. He can communicate intelligently and Arts students are comparatively better in this aspect. An event organizer or hotelier deals with people, with their needs and their requirements. Being able to understand their needs and their requests come from understanding people. Thus, communicating effectively leads to efficiency and success.

Arts students delve more into human nature and are more exposed to social interactions through their intrusions into history, geography, and the liberal arts. They make inroads into the world of commerce and economics. It is not that they are exempt from the sciences. They do learn the rudiments of mathematics and science although they do not delve in as deeply as the science students. Such teachings give them the basics which with experience will further sharpen their skills.

Boys and girls, believe me, there is a future for Arts students as there is a future for science students. Take where your heart leads you.

If you are inclined towards careers that are person-orientated, then go in for fields where the human element predominates – in finance, banking, marketing, telemarketing, public relations, human resources, hotel hospitality, journalism, news broadcasting, graphic designing, advertising.

If you are interested in outdoor life, be an environmentalist officer, a naturalist, or even an event organizer.

If you like to work indoors or work individually, choose to be a librarian or even a researcher.

If you like to talk, television stations have hosts of careers. If you like to write, all the publishing houses and the media giants are there for the picking.

In today’s society, there is a myriad of careers for you to choose from. The world is your oyster. There is no need to think you are getting a raw deal. I believe arts students are fortunate in that their choices cut across the board.

After my pep talk, how do you feel? I bet you are now thinking that you are on the right path. I could not agree with you even more — you definitely are.

Thank you and no more regrets and no more low self-esteem. You are art students and be proud you are!