Human Rights Day (Speech)

Human Rights Day (Speech)

Speech on Human Rights Day

A very Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening to Honorable  Sir/Madam, respected seniors and my dear friends, Warm Greetings to Everyone!

Thank you all for taking out time and being present at this seminar session. We all are gathered here to talk about this special day of human rights.

How often do we all say that women are treated differently from men, how unsafe women are in the society, majority of the population is uneducated, there should exist no white people and black people difference, etc. etc. What all does this mean?

This means that we all humans want men and women to be treated equally, we want social security for women and all others, we want everybody to be educated and we want to discriminate. We all want to make this happen. Just like these mentioned before and many more are the rights that we wish for.

This day is celebrated as a token to all those who stood up for someone’s rights. Human rights mean the rights which every human being owns. Though, till date after years of defining these rights also a few people are not utilizing them and a few people are all set to violate them. It is high time for people to actually stand for their rights. We all have been given the right to vote, right to speech, right to education, right to earn and many more. These rights have been allotted to human beings after many debates and issues. It is our responsibility and right to avail each of the right introduced for us.

The things that we scream for our social security, education of poor and many more are already addressed by the council and have been declared as a human right for everybody. It is our responsibility to withstand these and create awareness amongst all for adhering and availing these rights for their good and well being. Each of these rights were declared in year 1948 by the United Nations for the global understanding of how to treat individuals. In order to safeguard the humans and their well being, 30 specific human rights were announced. 10th December is officially celebrated as the day of human rights.

This day is acknowledged as the worldwide declaration of human rights and ensure its continued existence and remembrance as a common standard for all nations. I am very sure that just like me there are many people who are not aware about these human rights. Many might not even know there exists something like this and many might be aware but don’t know how important these are and how to deal with these.

We all should understand that the human rights are those rights that are fundamental for the living of human beings and for the normal human existence. For every country’s government and citizens it is very important to protect and maintain the human rights. It is their fundamental duty. We all should avail our rights and should dedicatedly work for creating the awareness amongst the population about these rights. Each of the 30 listed human rights are necessary for our well being and existence in the society.

I request you all to please share the message with your near and dear ones to spread the existence of these rights.

Thank you all.