People Today are more Materialistic – an Open Speech

The world has progressed greatly. With technology and industries advancing at such a quick pace, we find that there are many attractive things in the market today. Whether it is in the world of clothes, shoes or electronic gadgets, new things appear daily in the shops. People are taken up with them and want to possess them.

People want to be seen with branded and expensive things as they feel that these things reflect power and wealth. A few people are brave enough to reject these trappings of wealth and still live a simple life of sober values. Most people want to show off their wealth and position. Thus, they are very materialistic.

These materialistic people must have the right house in the right area and they must be seen driving the prestigious cars. Very often they will live in the affluent areas called ‘Millionaires’ Road’! They also wish to belong to expensive clubs which will reflect their financial status. Other middle-class people will try their best to make more money to join this class of the rich and famous!

People are so materialistic that they sometimes reject their poorer friends or poorer members of their own families. It is sad to see old parents rejected by their upcoming children who wish to own second homes and cars and will, therefore, not spare money for the old folks at home. They forget their filial duties in their greed for power and wealth. Have we not heard of children who have quietly rejected their aging parents so that they can pursue their career advancement to obtain more money and power?

It is only a small group that rejects this materialism and goes for better values. This group lives a low profile life and will lead a simple lifestyle. They will not rush to buy the latest or newest things and live a life without pomp and show. They strongly believe that they must live simply and help others. They strongly believe that less is more. Their happiness is derived from their strong sense of human values and not things.

I personally find that many people are very materialistic today. People must reject this need to show off their material goods. Buying things with money they do not have to impress people whom they do not like is unnecessary. They must be more sincere and have a balanced view of life. They must realize that people really do not need many things to be happy.