Farewell Speech For Seniors

Farewell Speech For Seniors

(Here briefly describe on Sample of “Farewell Speech.” Start your speech by greeting the audience, before giving an overview of the event. Include the names of special guests that are part of the audience. Then provide a short introduction to the name and purpose of the event. You can modify this sample as your requirement.)

Farewell Speech for Seniors

A very Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening to Honorable Principal Sir/Madam, respected teachers, seniors and my dear friends, Warm Greetings to Everyone! Welcome you all for your nice presence here today. As we all know that, today is the farewell party of our seniors. On behalf of all the juniors, I would like to speech on the farewell party of our seniors. I am feeling very lucky and honored to have this opportunity of giving speech today in the farewell of my lovely seniors. I would like to congratulate my all the seniors for their nice and happy journey of career. It is a quite sad moment for all the juniors that they are getting separated from their seniors. I wish them all for bright career very soon and I am very sure that success will come true soon because of their hard works and high technological skills.

Whenever the time comes to get admission in the ………(Name of Institution) far away from the home after our ….(Class), generally everyone get fear of many things such as how to get admission, how to live in the hostel without parents and siblings, how to study without guardian’s support and many more. Maybe the way of education is full of struggle and hard works however the resulted fruit becomes very sweet. I would like to express my feelings to my seniors who are going today by leaving us.

Our seniors said to us always that we have to lose many things in our life to get something good whenever we became sorrow by missing our parents in the hostel. They said that someone has to lose health, someone’s wealth and someone his life. And the same we are doing here to get success and bright career in life by living away from our parents and loved ones.

I would like to share you some personal story of my hostel life involving seniors. Once I was very fed up because of my homesickness in the hostel. I never discussed to anyone and liked to be very silent and tired. One day my senior asked me the reason very politely and I told him everything about my problem. He then taught me the ethics of life and told me my all responsibilities towards family, society and country. They were very supportive and encouraging to us. Really I will miss them all when found absent in the hostel and school/college/university.

Our seniors become our best guardians away from home. They make us available everything (from medicine to doctor) in our hostel room when we get sick. They care us really like our big brothers at home. It is not simple to forget them and their hard deeds for us in the college campus and hostel. We really miss them all very much and always keep close to our hearts. Maybe we meet in the future outside the college and may be not, however; all the good and bad memories with you would be in the heart.

Strengthening bond with seniors in this institution has inculcated the sense of responsibility and craftsmanship among us. They helped a lot in our project work by awaking in the nights. Our seniors are really very encouraging, supporting, caretaking and truly behaved to us like friendly guardians in this institution. I again want to say to our seniors that our heartily wishes are always with you all for your successful future.

I am very thankful to my all the seniors for their all the teachings and supports they made time to time. Today is a while bad moment for us however, we have to say a goodbye to you all. I request you all to please be in touch with us as we cannot do our best without your precious advice. I wish them a happy life with bright career.

Thank You All.