Reading has many benefits – an Open Speech

Reading has many benefits – an Open Speech

In recent times, reading as a hobby has taken a back seat to play computer games and watching television. This is especially true for teenagers today. Most of them find reading books boring. In fact, young people should be encouraged to read more as reading has many benefits that other hobbies may not have.

One benefit of reading is that it improves our language. Books are a great way to learn new words and expand our vocabulary. When we read, we come across new words. The new words become familiar as we encounter them repeatedly in our reading. We learn how to use these words correctly and they become a part of our vocabulary. Having a good vocabulary enables us to express ourselves better both in speaking and in writing.

In addition to language, reading also improves our general knowledge. Through reading, we can learn a lot about people, places, and events among other things. A person who reads a lot may even know more about a country he has never set foot on compared to someone who has actually visited the place. A lot of information can be discovered in reading materials like newspapers, magazines, travel books, instructional manuals, and storybooks. General knowledge is useful. It helps us to write and speak better. We become more knowledgeable and more interesting people.

Besides improving our language and general knowledge, reading is also an entertaining pastime and helps reduce stress. Books are creative works. They can open up a new world to us. They stimulate our imagination and draw us into the world created by the book. Many readers find it hard to put down a book once they start reading. A well-written story is suspenseful and exciting. The reader can hardly wait to get to the ending. This form of entertainment is healthy and good for our minds.

In conclusion, reading is an entertaining hobby that holds many potential benefits for the reader. Reading is especially beneficial for students as it improves their language and general knowledge which will help them perform better in their examinations. Furthermore, reading helps lessen stress. These are sufficient reasons to take up reading as a hobby.