Experience Letter Format for Volunteer

Experience Letter Format for Volunteer

Experience Letter Format for Volunteer

To Whom It May Concern

This is to certify that (Name) has been working as a volunteer at (Organization/Institution Name) from (Date) to (Date) onwards. At (Organization/Institution Name) we aim to provide special children with education & training facilities to enhance their capabilities and rehabilitate them in the society.

During (Name) time here we have found him/her to be a committed, responsible and trustworthy member of the community. He/She has stood out by his/her eagerness to engage herself with children with disabilities in a creative environment. He/She has established a personal relation with the children of his/her class, thus developing a strong sense of responsibility to cater to the needs of others. His/Her involvement with the younger students (aged 5-10 years) has displayed a sense of leadership by conducting a one on one interactive session with a group of children. He/She has shown a good balance between discipline and care in his/her dealings with the children which have progressed into a more positive influence on those around him/her.

Other than contributing an optimistic attitude to the classroom, he/she has been a helpful aide to the teachers, co-operating with them in class activities and playing an active part in our social events, such as the recent traditional party. His/Her dedication to the children seen in his/her hands-on approach to different issues has shown his/her true capability in classroom management. Furthermore, he/she has proven that even in the toughest of situations he/she is confident of him/herself, always on his/her toes willing to work and learn.

Due to his/her positive approach and professional grab over any assigned task, he/she is always a source of pride for us all. We know he/she will contribute a great part in the success of any institution he/she joins and wish him/her the best of luck in his/her future.


(Designation/Position Name)

(Organization/Institution Name)

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