The House I Would Like to Live In – an Open Speech

The House I Would Like to Live In – an Open Speech

I live in a three-roomed flat that my family and I call home. It is home to a large portion of our extended family. My parents share a room, and my younger sister sleeps there as well. My brother and his wife occupy the second bedroom. Grandma and I are the only ones who sleep in the living room at night. The house is packed, hot, and stuffy. It lacks privacy and has no place for my personal belongings, which are stacked on a shelf in a corner of the living room and hidden from view by an old curtain.

In my dreams, I fantasize about having a bigger house. It would be large enough to accommodate everyone, with a bedroom for my parents, a bedroom for Grandma and my younger sister to share, a bedroom for my brother and his wife if they are still living at home, and, of course, a bedroom for myself. All of the rooms would have large, airy curtained windows with plenty of storage space for clothes and personal effects. My room would have a desk and chair where I could work, shelves for all of my books, a hi-fi system, and a glass cabinet to display my memorabilia.

There will be a large enough family room for all of us to relax in. For our entertainment, it will have comfortable velvet sofas and cushions, as well as a large flat-screen television. I’ll make sure there’s enough light to sit and read comfortably. My ideal home would also include a living room in which guests could be entertained. It would also include a small dining room where meals would be served.

The rooms would have high ceilings so that air could circulate freely through the open windows, keeping the rooms cool. To create a sense of openness and space, the house would be tastefully decorated with minimal but eclectic furniture, table decorations, and wall mountings. The walls will all be a light, bright neutral color. In the living room, the floors would be tiled with cream marble tiles, and the bedrooms would have wood parquet flooring. This would make cleaning and sweeping much easier. The kitchen would be practically designed to allow for the most efficient movement when preparing or cooking a meal.

There will be enough toilets and bathroom facilities for everyone, and my Grandma will be able to manage independently. The floors will have a non-slip surface to prevent accidents, and grab rails will be installed on the walls for use if necessary.

My ideal home would have a small garden where we could sit in the cool evenings under a shaded umbrella or tree and listen to the bird’s sing. Otherwise, I’d like to have a balcony from which to gaze out at the cityscape. In the evenings, I would sit in a swing chair and grow flowering and foliage plants in pots.

This would be the house that I would like to live in.