Farewell Speech Sample Format for a Teacher on Retirement

Farewell Speech Sample Format for a Teacher on Retirement

Farewell Speech Sample Format for a Teacher on Retirement

[Below briefly describe on Farewell Speech Sample Format for a Teacher on his or her Retirement. You can follow this sample farewell speech for a teacher by colleagues, teachers, principal and students of the school, college and university at the time of resignation or retirement. You can make changes as per your requirements.]

Date: DD/MM/YY

Farewell Speech for a Teacher on Retirement –

Today I stand here to tell everyone a story about a great man. A great man who severed our institute for more than twelve years (More/less). S/He had made great contributions to our institute. His/her students are only known by his/her name. (Describe in your words). S/He keeps excellent skills not only in his/her own subject but also in other fields. The morality and honesty s/he possesses are found in very fewer persons. (Explain on the teacher’s teaching skills).

S/He is a man of honor. And the person is (Teacher’s name). S/He had done his/her (Educational degree name) from (institute name) after which s/he became an assistant professor (Job designation) of the (subject name). Based on the results s/he was then made the senior lecturer (Job position) of the (Department name). (Describe on the teacher’s educational background).

During this era, s/he also completed his Ph.D. (Higher educational degree name) in (Subject name) and then was made the department head. Today she is going to retire. (Explain your expectation regarding farewell). This is a very hard moment for all of your students and colleagues. (Describe all about the situation).

Today we give farewell to (Teacher’s name). Sir/madam we wish you a very happy life. Further, we promise that the light of education which you have made in our hearts would be spread all over the world. (Cordially describe your wish and greetings). Now your dreams are our dreams. This institute would never forget your contributions in its progress.

Thank you all.