Should every child learn music – an Open Speech

Should every child learn music – an Open Speech

There has been a lot of talk among parents and educators about the importance of giving children a balanced education. Opinions are divided, however, when it comes to music. There are those who say that learning music is a waste of time, and puts too much pressure on the child. However, I believe that the many benefits of learning music outweigh any negative aspects.

Among the benefits of learning, music is that it develops self-discipline and the determination to work hard towards achieving something. It is common knowledge that to do well in music, one has to practice on a regular basis. Of course, this may put pressure on the child to be disciplined to practice every day and to put in the effort to do well. But the pressure will lead to positive results. The child learns from an early age that success can only come through hard work and perseverance. This is a strong reason to support the view that children should learn music.

Besides that, learning to play a musical instrument has also been linked to improved intelligence. Studies carried out by universities have shown that children who have learned music perform better on tests of memory, mathematical skills, and reading. An enlargement in the part of the brain responsible for hand and finger movement was also noted. The time spent on learning music is certainly not wasted. Since learning music improves general intelligence in this manner, it is only logical that children should learn music.

Another benefit music has is its potential to help children express their creativity. The school education system may not provide enough opportunities for the child to develop and display their creativity. Learning music will give children the chance to express themselves, and help them to learn the joy of creating. Creativity is essential in many aspects of life, especially in problem-solving. Giving children the chance to create through music can help build their creativity. This is another good reason to let every child learn music.

To sum up, learning music will benefit children in the three ways stated above amongst others. I believe that these benefits cancel out any disadvantages of learning music such as having to make time for the lessons and the pressure of taking music tests. Hence, in my opinion, every child should indeed learn music.