The Earth in danger – an Open Speech

The Earth in danger – an Open Speech

In 2012, some people believed the world would end according to an ancient Mayan prediction. Thankfully, nothing happened. However, we must realize that the Earth is, in fact, in danger. This danger is not from asteroids or rogue planets, but from our actions and how they affect the environment. There are three main threats to Earth and they are global warming, loss of biodiversity, water, and air pollution.

Global warming is caused by the release of greenhouse gases such as methane and carbon dioxide into the air when coal and oil are burnt. These gases trap heat from the sun in the earth’s atmosphere, causing temperatures to rise around the world and changing climate patterns. In recent years, global warming has worsened. Many parts of the world have experienced unusual and extreme weather resulting in drought, floods, and dangerous hurricanes.

Another problem Earth faces is the extinction of plants and animals. In the past century, over 10,000 plant and animal species have died out, and about 25 percent of all remaining species are already in danger of disappearing. This can cause ecosystems to collapse. As part of the ecosystem, we humans would be severely affected as well. For example, the extinction of certain species of wild corn has created a loss of genetic diversity, making corn grown in farms especially vulnerable to diseases and pests, affecting our food supply. Because of this, it is important that we recognize the danger of the extinction of plants and animals.

Yet another danger that we face is the pollution of air and water. Everyone knows the importance of having clean water to drink and clean air to breathe. However, many cities around the globe are facing problems with dirty air. For example, in Beijing, China, air pollution grew to such hazardous levels at one point that it was unsafe for people to go outdoors. As for water, many people assume that there is plenty of water around, more than enough to replace the polluted water. However, few realize that only 3 percent of the Earth’s water is actually usable without extensive processing. Thus, any water pollution at all is dangerous and can have a tremendously negative impact on our water supply.

To conclude, Earth is under serious threat from environmental damage. It is our responsibility to take action to protect the environment. Otherwise, the destruction of Earth is certain.