Welcome Speech sample format to Juniors in School

Welcome Speech sample format to Juniors in School

Welcome Speech sample format to Juniors in School

Welcome Speech is organized to welcome the newcomers in educational institutions. These parties are addressed by seniors, teachers or maybe sometimes the principal. Life is a long journey with many up and downs in it. So, Welcome Speech to Juniors in School is important. You can modify these sample as your requirement.]

Date: DD/MM/YY

Welcome Speech to juniors in School –

Time passes but memories lasts forever. To dear juniors, I welcome you all on behalf of my entire class and faculty. This is exactly the place where we people were standing and now it’s you. (Describe in your words). Tonight’s excitement is on the peak where all are gathered to welcome you and to amuse you. The students who are not here will totally miss this. (Describe on Program type/objective of today’s program).

It’s a totally new phase with a new beginning and new difficulties but you can face them by having more strength and self-confidence in yourself. School life is more exciting life like a roller costar ride where you will learn, grow and will be able to know your passion and capabilities. (Explain your expectation regarding today’s program).

Besides lots of hard work, you will find some entertainment too like sports, speeches, poems and art competitions, debates and refreshing events like bonfire and concerts because they knew the importance of extra-curricular activities where you people will find your talent and polish your skills. (Explain all about the program schedule and ceremony).

Here’s the journey that will provide you the path which will lead you to the profession you are hoping for. Try to focus on your goals and concentrate on what are you doing so then you will become a successful person. (Cordially describe your wish and greetings). It was my pleasure to be here and to share my views, I feel great honor so thank you very much for listening to me and wish you good luck for the future.