Paragraph On Morning Walk

Morning walk is the best exercise. It is great for our body, mind, and soul. Morning walk is an easy form of exercise. It costs nothing but benefits much. People of all ages go out morning walk. People usually go out morning walk at dawn. People generally choose an open place as parks, road-sides, open fields for morning walk. Of course, morning is the best time for this. Walkers usually wear loose dresses like trousers. They also wear kades for easy walk. Among the morning walkers, the diabetic patients are the most common. It is helpful for them to control diabetes. Morning walk keeps our body fit. In the morning the air is fresh and nature remains calm. It also cures many diseases. That’s why doctors advise people of all ages to work in the morning. Morning walk needs no means or costs. Keeping body fit and free from diseases it helps us greatly. Taking the morning walk habit is easy because there are fewer disruptions to distract us from our daily routine. Studies also say that endurance levels are higher in the mornings than evenings so we will be able to push our self more and burn more calories during a morning walk than at some other time of the day.