The importance of homework – an Open Speech

The importance of homework – an Open Speech

Homework is a major part of every student’s life. However, many dislike homework, as it keeps them from doing what they want at home. Often, students will make excuses to avoid doing any homework. However, homework actually plays a very important role in education for a number of reasons.

Firstly, homework gives students practice in what they have learned in class. Without this additional practice, students will usually forget what they have learned. The extra work will also enable students to find out if they have understood what was taught during the lesson. When the teacher marks the homework, the teacher will also be able to check if a student needs help with a certain topic or concept. If a student has difficulty with a subject, it will be detected from his homework and the student can receive help before it is too late.

Another benefit of homework is that it keeps students occupied in productive activities. Without homework, students will have a lot of time on their hands after school. They would most likely spend their time on things which they enjoy but are not beneficial, such as playing computer games and watching television. Homework ensures that students do some studying, which will help them do better in examinations. Otherwise, their time would be wasted on unproductive and even unhealthy pastimes.

Besides, homework is important because it promotes self-discipline. Homework is usually done at home where there is no supervision by teachers. Unless students have strict parents who monitor what they do, it is up to the students to decide when to do the work or even whether to complete the task or not. With this, students would slowly become more used to the idea of doing independent work without someone breathing down their necks. This value will serve them well in the future, especially during work, where the ability to do independent work is a prized skill.

To conclude, homework plays a very important role in education, even though students like to complain about it. It provides students with valuable practice in what they have learned, it provides students with a productive way to spend some of their time and it builds self-discipline. It is clear then that students should not be lazy and should do their homework diligently.