Ways of Curbing Inflation – An Open Speech

Ways of Curbing Inflation – An Open Speech

Ways of Curbing Inflation – An Open Speech

The price of goods and services seems to be increasing year by year. Nevertheless, there is much that we consumers can do to fight this seemingly unending inflation. How do we go about it?

Inflation is generally controlled by the Central Bank and/or the government. First and foremost, we can start at our very home. Eat more often at home and cut down on eating out. After all, own cooked food is tastier, cleaner, and healthier with less oil and additives. If hawkers have fewer customers, they are sure to think twice when they want to increase the price of food. They may even reduce the price to attract customers.

Next, encourage school-going children to bring home-cooked food to school. In doing so, children will avoid eating junk food or unwholesome food sold in school canteens. It is good for their health. Working adults can also bring own food to work although this may not be a popular practice.

Now let’s tackle your shopping spree. Buy in bulk at a lower price. If possible, share with the others when buying in bulk. It would be a good idea to set up cooperatives to cater to consumers’ needs. Members have a lot to gain in terms of cheaper and quality goods and services.

Of course, consumers should avoid compulsive spending, especially when the hypermarkets offer cheap sales and contests. Before you go shopping, it would be advisable to prepare a shopping list so that you will not buy unnecessary items. In fact, we should spend less in times of inflation.

It would be a good idea to grow own vegetables at our backyard. After all, it is a good pastime and you will enjoy the very vegetables that you grow, knowing that they are fresh and free of pesticide or herbicide. Plants like chilies, brinjals, okra Mid others are easy to grow.

When coming to fruits, preference should be given to our local fruits. Perhaps you can even grow your own fruit trees, like guava, papaya. and mango. Eating more local fruits instead of imported ones will help in foreign exchange.

Last but not least, we should not waste it. This is especially ii) when we organize parties or even wedding dinners. We often loud that there is plenty of food left and all this will go to waste. I lit% c, ills for better planning and budgeting.

If we are serious in fighting inflation, and meticulously carry out some of the ways suggested above, we will certainly help stabilize the price of goods and services.


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