Welcome Speech For Business Conference

Welcome Speech For Business Conference

A very good morning/afternoon/evening and welcome to our company’s xxth annual business conference, ABC Pvt. Ltd. Thanks to each and every one of you for being here together with us. I want to mention, on behalf of everyone that we feel extremely proud to be hosting another one with all of you in this wonderful venue. I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to all those who generously came forward to make this conference a big success before I kick start this conference. Without you all, it wouldn’t have been possible.

Starting from the year 0000, this conference has come a long way; we have completed 00 years. It has been a wonderful journey for our company, from having just 00 people at our first conference to hosting a thousand of you. Without you all, it would have been an impossible assignment. Like any company, we had our ups and downs in the beginning as well. As partners who would market our goods, we had started on a very small level and had just a few departmental stores. Our goods soon began to gain popularity among families, and today we have become a brand.

It has not exclusively been only a simple meeting throughout the long term yet has become practically like a celebration where individuals connect, learn, and reclaim with them a great deal of information and experiences into the corporate world. Today we also have an outstanding chief guest among us (mention his/her name and designation) who will direct us more decisively and open new horizons in front of us towards our target.

We had a modest start and it has been the endeavors placed in by every single representative of ABC Pvt. Ltd. that we have continually been arriving at the statures of progress. Having said that, I would also like to add that we still have a lot to accomplish here, friends!

Like each year, you can anticipate some incredible changes in our organization, and off-course like each year; this year as well, we have uplifting news for every one of you. While some of you may expect advancements joined by moves; some may anticipate change in jobs, duties, and position. We have likewise concocted methods of remunerating you and holding our employees.

We will also address future New Year plans and look back at our workers who are retiring this year. I ask all of you for some more time to be patient and bear with me. There are going to be different presentations and activities that will make this day a success, and none of you here will go home with questions or second thoughts about choosing us.

Toward the finish of this business conference, there will be a little prize dissemination service (please don’t be so surprised) it has been chosen by the administration. Those who performed spectacularly last year must be remembered in front of everybody and be given the honor they deserve. Please do not forget to pick your meal and snack coupons, which will be served on the seat itself.

This business conference is significant for us all on the grounds that the following gathering ideally would see an expanded piece of the pie; turnover and efficiency with more number of staffs added to our image. I expect you to continue to give the organization your support as you have done so far and in exchange, I promise to reward you as you deserve.

Ok I’m not going to want to take your time anymore, I need to leave some time for my co-host (mention the name of your colleague who is going to take over) to take over and introduce himself to you all and fill you in with the rest of the day’s events.

Here I would like to rest my speech, thank you all.