Tuition in School – an Open Speech

Tuition in School – an Open Speech

Tuition in School – an Open Speech

Tuition is a fee paid for instruction or teaching, usually for higher education. Many students need to get part-time jobs to pay their college tuition. Tuition centers have become a booming industry, raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars. Teachers of all subjects are not in the demand list as private tutors in a country. Again all private tutors are also not teachers of schools and colleges. On average, parents fork out about $100 to $200 for each child per month. Today, more and more teachers are giving tuition as it has become a major money-spinner for them. What has triggered this phenomenon? Are schoolteachers shirking their duties or are parents just afraid that their children will be left behind in the paper chase ?

Tuition helps in increased confidence in their studies. Tutors develop a more personal relationship with their students, they are able to see and cultivate the potential within them. The rationale in sending students for tuition is to help them better understand what has been taught in school. Students who are slow in grasping what is taught in schools can attend tuition classes to catch up and improve their performance.

Moreover, in schools, teachers have limited time to teach students. There are only about five to six lessons a week for most subjects, including English, Mathematics, and science. The time allotted is clearly insufficient for weak students to understand a particular subject. A the same time, teachers have less teaching time due to increasing paperwork and other duties. Teachers are forced to rush through the syllabus because of time constraints, thus leaving students in the lurch.

As per my experience tuition is not necessary for every student. It is important for those students who want to achieve optimum academic performance. Classes in school are too big and teachers do not have enough time to give personal attention to teach and every student. On the other hand, tuition classes have a smaller number of students, making personal attention possible. Thriving on the education system’s weaknesses, tuition centers have gained popularity among both students and parents.

Parents, too, prefer to send their children for tuition. Parents who want their children to excel in their studies are willing to spend large amounts of money on tuition fees. Nowadays, due to work commitments, parents are away from home for the greater part of the day. Parents would prefer to send their children for tuition just to keep their offspring from getting involved in undesirable activities or from idling their time away. At the same time, parents who are not highly educated prefer to send their children for tuition.

For students who are unable to get personal attention in school and for those who have difficulty assimilating what is taught in schools, tuition is definitely a must, as the gain is more than the cost. Tuition is effective extra coaching for all students. The tuition tutor helps students to have a good preparation for the exam. Teachers should be allowed to give tuition to improve students’ performances.


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