Bright Ideas – an Open Speech

Bright Ideas – an Open Speech

Brilliant concepts! The concept has some positive connotations. Thinking about brilliant ideas is an idea in and of itself. Bright ideas represent intelligence, advancement, and progress for humanity. They imply increased efficiency, a better way of doing things, or even the development of a new invention. Who has brilliant ideas? Bright ideas do not belong solely to bright people. Anyone and everyone can come up with a brilliant idea. When a brilliant idea fails miserably in practice, we’ve all heard that exasperated tone. “You and your brilliant ideas!”

Bright ideas, on the other hand, should be encouraged. When Isaac Newton observed the flight of a falling apple, he came up with the concept of gravity. Einstein, the great scientist, wondered about the relationship between time and space and studied the warping of space and changes in orbits as planets moved around. As a result, the famous theory of relativity was born. Brilliant ideas have frequently resulted in significant scientific discoveries and technological applications.

When Archimedes went to bathe, he discovered his idea that a body or mass displaces a volume equal to it. This significant scientific concept, which was later confirmed as a theory and law, resulted in ships now plying the oceans and transporting goods and passengers. These are massive hulks that float as a result of his brilliant idea. Similarly, those who observed birds and bats flying in the air and fantasized about flying machines were the ones who invented airplanes and other aircrafts that we know today. Such ideas are responsible for our current progress and higher standard of living.

It is in man’s nature to want to improve his life, so he will seek out innovative ideas. A father driving his children to school will think of a faster and better way to get to school and avoid traffic. Similarly, a stressed-out mother will come up with better solutions to meet the needs of her children or to improve her efficiency in running her household. Someone, somewhere will want to make a better machine, system, or way of life.

In business, bright ideas are very much encouraged. A better coffee-making machine, for example, would mean an edge over rivals and improve profits for a company. Corporations and governments encourage their employees to form quality control circles and suggest improved methods of working or ways to cut down costs.

Malaysia is working hard to improve its educational system in order to produce students with creative minds in a highly competitive global economy. Gone are the days when the system encouraged learning and testing through archaic methods such as memorization or conformity to previous methods. Because of the global economy and the sweeping changes brought about by technology such as the Internet, countries place a premium on good ideas. Others may later imitate an invention, but fame and fortune await the first person with an idea that may turn out to be a practical invention.

The old, traditional educational systems, particularly in Eastern countries, did not foster an environment conducive to people having creative ideas. The lectures suffocated Einstein himself. Some schools, particularly those in the West, now have classes devoted to creative thinking in order to foster entrepreneurship.

Many brilliant ideas have been abandoned. Mankind continues to wait for cures for diseases such as diabetes and cancer. Many people have attempted to cool or heat entire cities. We should applaud any brilliant idea because it could lead to human progress. Because of his brilliant ideas, man is able to master and improve his harsh environment.