Irresponsible Road Users – an Open Speech

Irresponsible Road Users – an Open Speech

Every year, many teenage drivers are killed in traffic accidents. We see and feel the agony and grief in the eyes of the parents, friends, and professors who attend the funerals of these young lives lost. Careless driving is driving that goes below the minimum standard required of a careful driver and involves driving without reasonable regard for other road users. Dangerous driving encompasses any behavior that may endanger yourself or other drivers.

The number of people killed or injured on the road is astonishing. Hundreds of people are killed in car accidents each year. Many of these accidents could have been avoided if both drivers and pedestrians had exercised greater caution on the road. Driving or riding a vehicle dangerously on the road, or without necessary care and attention or reasonable consideration for other road users, is unlawful.

Irresponsible drivers are one of the most dangerous hazards on the road. Whether they are inebriated, drowsy, or in a hurry, they show little regard for other vehicles and pedestrians whose safety is jeopardized just because they refuse to be more considerate. Drunk drivers pose the biggest danger. After all, it is not uncommon for alcohol to weaken one’s responses as well as one’s vision. Choosing to drive without both in top condition is a terrible act of willfulness. Several deadly accidents have occurred throughout the holiday season. The police have gone to great lengths to install roadblocks to guarantee that drivers do not have significant quantities of alcohol in their blood, as well as to publish signs and adverts warning against drunk driving. Yet, many still choose to believe that they will not be caught.

Other drivers who are in a rush similarly show little concern for the safety of others. They dart in and out of traffic lanes to get ahead of everyone else, oblivious to the danger they pose. This could lead to deadly accidents since drivers have little time and willingness to react to mistakes in their judgment, which could be as simple as presuming that the road ahead is free in the next lane. When an impediment suddenly emerges in front of them, they immediately swerve the automobile away, sometimes into the car next to them or into the pavement, where innocent people are. When they ultimately apologize for being so negligent, it is nearly always too late.

Traffic lights that are not working properly are also a hazard on the road. Accidents can occur when green lights flash simultaneously at a crossroads because cars are confused by them and end up in a messy pile-up. Furthermore, cautious drivers tend to adopt a wait-and-see attitude since they are unsure if the lights are truly off. As a result, the drivers stuck in traffic grow impatient and irritated, which may result in a lot of honking and cursing. This could lead to nasty outbursts and quarrels.

Pedestrians can endanger their own safety on the road. Many of them disregard traffic signs and signals, preferring to cross the street whenever they wish. Many people would rather take their chances with the strong traffic than travel fifty meters to the pedestrian crossing. They fail to see that the pedestrian crossing was installed solely to ensure their own safety. Others choose to walk on the roadways rather than the allocated pavements. This presents issues for cars who are forced to temporarily ‘invade’ the adjacent lane or perhaps come to a complete stop. Inconsiderate pedestrians have been responsible for a number of accidents.

As a result, it is apparent that human mistake is the most common cause of road accidents. It is critical that both drivers and pedestrians take precautions to protect their personal safety as well as the safety of others in order to reduce the dangers on the “highway of death,” as roadways are popularly referred to.