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Steps Involved in Conducting Interview or Interview Process

Steps Involved in Conducting Interview or Interview Process

An interview is a face-to-face interaction between interviewer and interviewee. If conducted carefully and properly, it observes and appraises the suitability of the candidate to perform the job successfully. An interview is based on the in-depth conversation which probes the areas of information that cannot be obtained by other steps of a selection process.

Steps Involved in Conducting Interview or Interview Process

An interview is a step-by-step process which consists of the following steps:

  1. Preparation

Preparation is the primary or initial phase of an interview process. The first step of an interview is “preparation.” This may seem obvious to say, but the fact is that preparation is the most overlooked part of the entire interview process. Under it, the candidates to be interviewed are called for an interview and schedule or plan for the interview is prepared. This means basic ground for conducting the interview is determined. For example, preparing for job descriptions and specifications, preparing specific checklists or questionnaires etc. come under preparation phase of the interview process.

  1. Conducting

After the preparation of the basic ground for conducting an interview, he prepared plans and actions are implemented which is called conduction of the interview? Under this phase, a face-to-face communication tales place between interviewee and interviewer in order to obtain required knowledge and skill from the interviewee. Hence, the information and ideas are exchanged through two-way communication between the interview giver and taker. While conducting an interview, the interview giver should feel him/herself comfortable to answer properly.

  1. Evaluation

This is the last phase of an interview process in which the information received from the interviewee or candidate is evaluated. Individual or team reflection on the interview and outcomes should be conducted to identify follow-up actions, highlight lessons learned and inform future revisions to improve the process. Generally, the evaluation is done on grading or rating basis in order to select the best-qualified candidate. However, the point system can also be used for evaluation of the potential performance of the candidate. If the candidate is supposed to perform well in the organization, he/she will be selected.


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