Definition of Employee Selection

The process of interviewing and evaluating candidates for a specific job and selecting an individual for employment based on certain criteria. Employee selection can range from a very simple process to a very complicated process depending on the firm hiring and the position. Certain employment laws such as anti-discrimination laws must be obeyed during employee selection.

Recruitment Needs:

To plan for the future recruitment needs of a organization, hiring managers need to consider the future, i.e. changes in mission, strategic goals and objectives, organization demand, new legislation or economic conditions.

Human Resources and hiring managers can use an organizational strategic plan as an input to the recruitment needs assessment process. The aim of the recruitment needs assessment is to ensure that people with the required knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) are hired in the numbers required by the organization in order to meet organizational goals and objectives. The recruitment needs assessment process consists of five distinct stages:

  • Determining the knowledge, skills, and abilities required.
  • Determining how many people will be needed.
  • Determining which skills are available internally.
  • Determining when the people will be needed.
  • Closing the gap between the current and required staffing levels.

The Employee selection Process takes place in following order-

Original Interviews– It can be accustomed to remove those prospects that usually do not meet the bare minimum eligiblity considerations put straight down with the group. The relevant skills, school in addition to family members background, competencies in addition to interests from the applicant are usually looked at throughout early interview. Original interviews are usually a smaller amount official in addition to prepared than the ultimate interviews. The actual prospects pick up quick up around the organization plus the task profile; and it’s likewise looked at the amount of the actual applicant knows about this company. Original interviews are also known as testing interviews.

App blanks- The actual prospects that clear the actual early interview are needed to load request write off. It includes data document from the prospects for instance information about grow older, skills, cause of leaving past task, experience, for example.

Prepared Tests- Numerous written exams conducted throughout choice process are usually talent test out, intelligence test out, thinking test out, persona test out, for example. These exams are used to be able to objectively measure the prospective applicant. These people really should not be biased.

Career Interviews- This can be a you to definitely a single connection between the interview panel member plus the prospective applicant. It can be accustomed to discover whether or not the applicant is best suited for that expected task or maybe not. But such interviews eat moment in addition to income equally. Additionally the actual competencies from the applicant are not judged. Like interviews could be biased at times. Like interviews must be conducted properly. No interruptions must be there inside space. There should be a good conversation among applicant in addition to interview panel member.


Health care examination- Tests are usually conducted to make certain health from the prospective member of staff. It will eventually minimize likelihood of member of staff absenteeism.

Appointment Letter— A new guide examine is done around the applicant selected after which it eventually he’s equiped giving any official consultation correspondence.

Definition of Employee Selection